Meet Orlando Hernandez

First Vice President, Information Technology, Bank of the West
MBA, 2009

Orlando Hernandez

  Expand your horizons and see what’s available to you.

Mr. Hernandez is responsible for overseeing internal and external application development, IT personnel management, and hardware/software acquisition.

He entered Bank of the West in 1999 as a Network Technician/Systems Analyst. He earned a Bachelor of Computer Engineering at Southern Methodist University and his MBA at UTEP.

What has been your career path? Was Bank of the West the first job you had after graduation?

No, I was a network engineer for the federal government in D.C. When I left, I left hoping to find something bigger and better, but I came back to spend more time with my family and realized that El Paso was the place for me. I applied for a position here and I got it.

What did it take for you to be the First Vice President in Information Technology?

A lot has to do with job experience and applying your academics and your certifications to your work. IT itself is a very technical obviously, but there are a lot of business aspects to it. Somebody that can harness both the technical aspects and the business aspects will be in a better position. It has been a long road, you know, both academics and hands on experience.

How long have you been with the company?

I have been at Bank of the West for about 10 years.

What advise would you give the students at the College of Business?

Don’t get discouraged. The market right now is not very good for people seeking a job as soon as they get out of college. Expand your horizons and see what’s available to you. It might not be here in the city of El Paso, which is unfortunate, but there is so much out there.

Coming from UTEP provides something that most schools don’t. Some students already have the disadvantage of working full time and going to school at the same time where as other students go to college for four years straight and have someone helping them with their tuition. But just go out there and explore your horizons and apply what you have done already just to get your academics. You’ll be good.

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