Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Pre-Business student (PBUS)?

The Pre-Business classification is used to identify business students who intend to earn a BBA degree but needs to successfully complete the MATH 1320 (or equivalent) requirement,  and are still taking the required freshman and sophomore (lower-division) courses.

Who is a Pre-BBA student (PBBA)?

The Pre-BBA classification is used to identify students who intend to earn a BBA degree and who have successfully completed MATH 1320 (or equivalent), but are still taking the required freshman and sophomore business and non-business foundation courses.

Why do I have to take ALL the courses in the Non-Business and Business Foundation first?

The non-business and business foundation courses provide a core of knowledge in those academic areas necessary for an appropriate combination of descriptive and analytical approaches to the study of business administration. The foundation work includes courses in mathematics, communications, social sciences, humanities, natural science, accounting, and economics.

What Grade Point Average (GPA) do I need in order to earn my degree?

Business students must maintain minimum 2.00 overall GPA in their course work. In addition, business students must maintain a minimum 2.0 overall GPA in their College of Business Administration courses. Lastly, accounting majors must make a “C” or better in ACCT 3321, and maintain a minimum 2.00 overall GPA in all of their accounting courses.

Is there someone I should talk to about course planning?

The College of Business Administration undergraduate advisors offer advising to PBBA and BBA business students by appointment or on a walk-in basis in Room 104. This includes advising about degree plans, major requirements and prerequisites. If you are a transfer student and has successfully completed the math requirement, you should contact an undergraduate advisor after you have received the Evaluation of Transfer Credits from the Admissions Office.

What can I do with a specific degree?

The College of Business Administration undergraduate advisors can provide you with information about specific degrees and advice on your degree plan. Our BBA degree plans will give you an overview of the majors offered by the college. Also the Career Center's office in 103 Union West can provide information on job salaries, job opportunities and market demand for certain degrees.

What if I decide to change my major to business?

Being in good academic standing is required in order to change major to the College of Business Administration. You will also need to request a “Change of Major” form from your current department. Then, meet with any of our business advisors in the College of Business Administration Advising Office at the end of the semester (after grades have been released) to get your major changed. In addition, you will need to attend a COBA orientation.

Does the BBA require a minor?

No, a minor is not required for a BBA.

Is the College of Business Administration accredited?

The College of Business Administration is fully accredited by AACSB International (the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) for all business programs. We are one of only 164 colleges worldwide that enjoy both business and accounting accreditation. 

The College, as part of the University, is also accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

How can I get financial aid?

You can apply for financial aid online for free through the FAFSA website to acquire financial aid from the government. Also, a counselor can help you apply for financial aid through FAFSA if you are having trouble or don’t know how to do so. Financial Aid information is also available for all students in the Financial Aid office. You can also apply for scholarships at the UTEP Scholarships office.

Where can I find information that will help me become a more successful student at UTEP?

For a list of recommended activities and tools that will help you prepare for your academic and professional career, see the Undergraduate Advising Office’ advising syllabus

Why should I join a student organization?

Student organizations are an excellent way for students to begin researching their career choices. Business student organizations focus on common student interests such as business majors, economic development, women in business or entrepreneurial ideas and goals. Most organizations invite guest speakers to their meetings, provide travel opportunities, hold professional development workshops, fundraise and participate in community service projects. Overall, students receive experience in their field of interest and therefore add valuable skills to their resumes. Visit out Student Organizations page for a list of all business student organizations.

What is the Texas Gas Service Student Center for?

The Texas Gas Service Student Center, located on the first floor of the College of Business Administration, provides business students with workspaces for meetings, presentations and study. The 19-room Center includes two high-tech conference rooms, seventeen individual and group study and meeting rooms, access to laptop computers, and wireless internet access. Several rooms are equipped with projectors and smart boards useful for team projects and professional meetings. The Texas Gas Service Student Center is for students of the College of Business Administration only and your UTEP ID is needed to utilize the facility.

Where can I get tutoring?

English and math tutoring is available on the first floor of the Library. Also, on the Library first floor there is information available on workshops for various subjects. Some teachers and teaching assistants may offer tutoring for their classes during their office hours.

Where can I get information on internships and jobs?

The Career Center uses Job Mine to connect employers with UTEP students. To hear about internship and full-time job opportunities students must register on Job Mine.

UTEP’s Career Center is located in Union West, room 103. Visit the Career Center’s website at http://sa.utep.edu/careers/ to view all of the resources available to UTEP students.

Information on major related internships and full-time job opportunities can also be found in each of the College of Business Administration’s three departments and its business student organizations.

The Undergraduate Advising Office maintains a Facebook page at www.facebook.com/UGCOBA which highlights college events, professional development opportunities, internships and full time job opportunities.