Entering Students

Entering Students

Freshman Orientation groupThe Pre-Business classification is used to identify students who intend to earn a BBA degree but are still taking the required freshman and sophomore non-business foundation courses. The non-business foundation courses provide a core of knowledge in those academic areas necessary for an appropriate combination of descriptive and analytical approaches to the study of business administration. The foundation work includes courses in mathematics, communications, social sciences, humanities, and natural science. See our curriculum listing for details about the courses you need to take.

The Pre-Business Advisors located in the Undergraduate Advising Center (Room 104) are responsible for advising all business students during their freshman and sophomore years. Stop by and see them if you have any questions!

New Student Orientation Program

orientation activities

The Orientation Program has been designed to orient our entering freshman students as well as transfer students from other institutions to The University of Texas at El Paso. Orientation will help the student understand the mission of our college, make friends and be ready to become involved in our campus life.

During orientation the student will become familiar with the campus and all of the various student support services. Orientation also includes group activities and games out of doors. These events have been designed to introduce students to other entering students through group events, scavenger hunts and presentations.

During Orientation each student will be advised on the sequence of classes that are required in the pursuit of the Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) degree. The student will also get help enrolling in their Fall classes.

The University holds 3 one-week orientation programs in the summer. If you are a new student, you should have received a letter advising you of the dates and times of orientation. If you have not received a letter or need additional information please call UTEP Orientation at 747-7778.

Your Pre-Business Advisors

Paulina Cano

Paulina Cano
Pre-Business Advisor
Business Room 104
Phone: (915) 747-7764
David Sterling

David Sterling
Business Room 104
Phone: (915) 747-7776