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GMAT Workshops

Learn the strategies and test-taking techniques to maximize your score with these complete GMAT preparations workshops. You receive 14 hours of intensive GMAT instruction in a small class with personalized attention. The cost is $275.00 which includes course materials, Official GMAT Review Guide (2015 edition), meals and snacks. We will reimburse the workshop fee if you score 500 or higher on your test and enroll in our Accelerated MBA, or score 600 or higher and enroll in our Full-Time MBA.

What our participants are saying....

“I've got a 710!” - Elizabeth M.

“The strategies were tremendously helpful with regards to saving time. I am working on tougher questions. Loved it! Thank you.”

“Excellent experience! This class was extremely helpful. The teachers were fantastic. Thank you.”
“This really helped me rather than just getting the book and study on my own. I am less stressed out about the actual test after the workshop.”