Program of Study for the PHD in Business Administration (72 semester hours *)

Business Foundation     24 semester hours *
Quantitative and Research Methods     12 semester hours
Supporting Area     9 semester hours
Elective Graduate Courses     15 semester hours
Dissertation     12 semester hours
Total:     72 semester hours

Business Foundation Courses (24 semester hours *)

ACCT 5301 Financial Accounting
CIS 5313 Strategic Information Systems
ECON 5311 Managerial Economics
ECON 5360 Global Economic Environment for Managers
ECON 5302 Microeconomic Theory
FIN 5311 Financial Management
MKT 5311 Marketing Management
OSCM 5308 Concepts of Production Management
MGMT 5311 Effective Management of Human Resources
* Select eight courses from above (Accounting and Finance specialization students must take ECON 5302 or equivalent). Entering students must take the Business Foundation courses or demonstrate competency in the knowledge areas represented. Foundation prerequisites may apply. It is anticipated that students entering the program with an MBA will have already taken these courses or their equivalent. Students can demonstrate achievement of proficiency in any or all of these areas by examination, subject to the approval of the Director of the Ph.D. Program.

Quantitative and Research Methods Courses (12 semester hours)

Students may take appropriate alternative courses subject to approval by the Program Director.

IBUS 6300 Introduction to Quantitative Methods and Statistics
IBUS 6302 Applied Multivariate Methods
IBUS 6303 Advanced Regression Analysis
IBUS 6304 Business Time Series Analysis
IBUS 6305 Doctoral Seminar in Applied International Business Research
IBUS 6307 Survey Research Methods
IBUS 6308 Research Philosophy and Design
IBUS 6309 Structural Equation Modeling
IBUS 6350 Financial Econometrics I
IBUS 6360 Financial Econometrics II

Supporting Area Courses (9 semester hours)

Students may also take doctoral courses outside of the College of Business with the approval of the Program Director.

Choose Four of the Following:
IBUS 6310 Seminar in the International Accounting Environment
IBUS 6311 Seminar in International Trade and Business Policy
IBUS 6312 Seminar in International Finance
IBUS 6313 Seminar in International Marketing
IBUS 6317 Seminar in International Global Information Systems
IBUS 6319 Seminar in International Management
IBUS 6323 Topics in International Accounting Research
IBUS 6325 Seminar in International Managerial Accounting
IBUS 6332 Seminar in International Capital Markets
IBUS 6335 Seminar in Theory of Finance: An International Perspective
IBUS 6336 Seminar in International Corporate Finance
IBUS 6337 Seminar in International Investments
IBUS 6339 Topics in International Financial Research
IBUS 6354 Special Topics in International Business
IBUS 6363 International Business Theory
IBUS 6392 International Multicultural Business Studies

Elective Graduate Courses (15 semester hours)

Each student must complete fifteen semester hours of graduate-level College of Business Administration courses from the list below. Appropriate courses may be substituted with the approval of the Director.

Choose Four of the Following:
IBUS 6312 Seminar in International Financial Management and Monetary Economics
IBUS 6316 Seminar in International Production Operations and Supply Chain Management
IBUS 6320 Accounting Behavioral Research *
IBUS 6321 Seminar in International Financial Accounting
IBUS 6323 Topics in International Accounting Research
IBUS 6324 Seminar in International Tax
IBUS 6325 Seminar in Managerial Accounting
IBUS 6329 Seminar in Marketing Theory
IBUS 6331 Seminar in Theory of Finance
IBUS 6332 Seminar in International Capital Markets
IBUS 6333 Seminar in Corporate Finance
IBUS 6334 Seminar in Investments
IBUS 6341 Seminar in Strategic and Competitive Information Systems
IBUS 6342 Analysis of Diffusion and ICT Impact
IBUS 6343 Information Systems Outsourcing
IBUS 6344 IS Risk Analysis, Security and Crime
IBUS 6351 Seminar in International Management and Strategy
IBUS 6352 International Entrepreneurship
IBUS 6353 International Organization Behavior and Human Resource Management
IBUS 6354 Special Topics in International Business
IBUS 6362 Seminar in Cross-Cultural Marketing
IBUS 6364 Topics in International Marketing
IBUS 6365 International Marketing Strategy
IBUS 6393 International Operations and Supply Chain Management
IBUS 6389 Independent Study (with approval of Program Director)
IBUS 6390 Seminar in Organizational Behavior
IBUS 6391 Seminar in Human Resource Management
* Required course for Accounting students.

Dissertation (12 semester hours)

All students must complete a doctoral dissertation (a minimum of 12 semester hours) that presents original research at an advanced level on a significant problem in business. Dissertation hours may be repeated as needed.

IBUS 6398 Dissertation I
IBUS 6399 Dissertation II