Internationall Learning Enviromnent

An International Learning Environment

Why should you study in El Paso?

The Greater El Paso region is the center for economic and cultural activity in West Texas, Southern New Mexico and Northern Mexico. With a population of 2.5 million people, this is largest metropolitan area on the U.S./Mexico border and the largest bi-national community in the Western hemisphere. The region is also home to Fort Bliss (the second largest military base in the United States), White Sands Missile Range and Holloman Air Force Base. The El Paso area boasts of almost five decades of expertise in manufacturing, logistics, and international commerce. In addition, the region is experiencing significant growth in the medical and defense-related industries.

Operating within this bi-national, tri-state backdrop, the College of Business Administration and the International Business PHD Program offer students:

  • Faculty members with vast backgrounds in international business and trade;
  • Interaction with classmates who work in this vibrant business environment and contribute their experiences to the learning process;
  • A diverse student body that is drawn from a multitude of national, cultural, and professional backgrounds;
  • A real world, strategic perspective on the ever-changing dynamics of global markets; and
  • An entrepreneurial, resourceful, and collaborative spirit.

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