Lab Policies

  • No food or drinks are allowed inside the computer lab areas.
  • The rooms available for student use are 306 (Lab 1), 310 (Lab 2), and 324 (Lab 3).
  • Children are not allowed in the CALC computer labs.
  • Do not shut-off or reboot any of the computers! If you are having trouble with an application, a lab employee will help you.
  • Students are responsible for saving their own files. Please save your files in your space, flashdrive, or cd.
  • Programs that are not licensed CALC lab programs will be deleted from the CALC Lab computers' hard disks.
  • University regulations prohibit installation or downloading of pornographic or copywrited files in university computers.
  • We have a lost and found box—please check with one of the lab assistants if you have lost something in the lab.
  • Whenever you come into the lab, please observe all posted signs and the messages on the boards to see if they apply to you.
  • Please keep you work area clean. Pick up and throw away any trash before you leave.
  • The CALC Lab phone is for business and emergency use only.
  • Headphones are available in the CALC Lab. Students must have a validated student ID to check them out for use in the Lab.

Printing Policy

The Lab is a participant in the University Printing Solution.

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