CIS Students Earn Top Awards at Phi Beta Lambda Competition

September 18, 2012

All Winners Sarah Boyle, John Graesser, Troy McGarity and Jose Almanza

Two groups of CIS students from COBA earned a First Place and Second Place at the Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL) computer programming and game simulation competition held in San Antonio, TX this June.

Every year the Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL) hosts this annual competition for students in various business topics. The students were charged with designing a game to teach elementary students financial literary.

Using C# the students built a computer program satisfying the suggested specs.

The students submitted their programs and made it to the top ten finalist list.  The top ten included schools such as the University of South Florida, Seminole College, and Wayne College to name a few. 

On June 21, Troy McGarity traveled to San Antonio to represent one group and John Graesser and Jose Almanza traveled to San Antonio representing the second group.  Each group made a 7 minute presentations explaining why their program was the best.  Troy McGarity team placed first, winning $500.  John Graesser, Jose Almanza and Sarah Boyle placed second. 


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