College of Business Administration 2010 Gold Nuggets

August 18, 2010

2010 Gold NuggetsDean Robert Nachtmann presents Bill Gilmer and David Rapisand their Gold Nugget awards.

The College of Business Administration and the UTEP Alumni Association are proud to present the 2010 Gold Nugget Recipients. These two outstanding alumni have distinguished themselves in their profession and life, given back to their communities and alma mater, and serve as inspiration for future generations of Miners.

This year Robert W. “Bill” Gilmer and David M. Rapisand have been honored with the Gold Nugget Award for their achievements in business.


Bill GilmerRobert W. “Bill” Gilmer, BA, Economics, '68

Vice-President in Charge of El Paso Branch
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Robert W. “Bill” Gilmer, Ph.D., is proof that the quality of a university is best measured by the success of its graduates.

As the vice president in charge at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, El Paso Branch, this UTEP alumnus now recruits UTEP graduates.

“I work very closely with several UTEP graduates at the branch,” he said. “They’re all top-notch. If you respect the graduates, you have to respect the institution.”

He has earned the same respect he gives the UTEP alumni who work for him.

Gilmer’s bachelor’s degree in economics in 1968 propelled him to a successful career that has earned him a Gold Nugget Award from UTEP’s College of Business Administration.

He earned master’s and doctoral degrees in economics from The University of Texas at Austin and set out on a career path that began with a researcher position at the Institute for Defense Analyses, an Alexandria, Va., think tank.

Since 2002, he has overseen Federal Reserve operations for West Texas and Southern New Mexico, including the annual receipt of more than $10 billion for regional banks.

Gilmer also is the El Paso Branch’s senior economist, researching critical issues including energy interests and the border economy. By determining which areas of the local economy are weak or strong, Gilmer’s research helps protect client assets.

David RapisandDavid M. Rapisand, BBA, Accounting, '76

Director, Financial Analysis and Overhead Control
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.

Even in an age when the recession has taught every household the meaning of the term “budget,” few individuals understand the word as well as David Rapisand.

As the director of financial analysis and overhead control for the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. in Fort Worth, Texas, he is responsible for a $2.6 billion operating budget.

Rapisand’s remarkable budget management skills have been a tremendous asset to his company, the nation’s leading maker of jet fighters. The company relies on him to keep a firm rein on expenses. Analyzing strengths and weaknesses, Rapisand, a 1976 UTEP graduate with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, determines the budgets for each department, cutting back where he sees waste and inefficiency.

“When I present a budget plan, I put all the dots together,” he said.

It’s a demanding job, one that requires both business acumen and strong character. Rapisand has shown he’s up to the task, and that has earned him this year’s old Nugget Award from the College of Business Administration. In addition to his financial duties, Rapisand, who also holds an M.B.A. from Loyola University in New Orleans, has launched a significant recruiting effort at UTEP, maintaining a close relationship with the University.

“Since 2007, we have hired just over 40 UTEP alumni,” he said. “UTEP delivers. These kids get a fine education, and our executives are totally impressed. They tell me, ‘Bring them on.’”


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