Camino Real Venture Competion

Date: March 4, 2011
Time: Friday, March 4 - Saturday, March 5
Location: Business Building

The UTEP College of Business, in conjunction with The Camino Real Angels and The Bi-National Sustainability Laboratory, is proud to present the 2011 Camino Real Venture Competition. The Competition’s primary purpose is to provide a venue for young entrepreneurs to develop a business concept from planning stage, to start up, and hopefully to product commercialization. The Competition will be hosted on the UTEP campus.

Student teams will present business plans based on innovative technologies to a group of judges consisting of successful business people, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other business experts. Teams will submit a written business plan to the judges prior to the event and will be expected to participate fully in the Competition.

Agenda Overview
Friday March 4, 2011 - First Round of Competition
Saturday March 5, 2011 - Final Round of Competition & Awards Reception



Degree Plans
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