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Professional Development

Selecting a major is only the first step towards obtaining a professional business career.  The College provides students with workshops, events and activities that will help develop their professional and leadership skills.



Test-Driving My Career at The Whitehouse

Internships provide students with practical experience which will complement their classroom knowledge as well as prepare them for their career goals. The experience students gain by this program will help open doors, enhance their opportunities upon graduation and enable them to successfully launch their careers. Students find internship opportunities through business student organizations, career fairs, employer information sessions and by keeping their Job Mine account up to date. To successfully compete with other candidates, students must have a professional resume and continuously develop their professional skills!

Connecting With Employers

Students can connect with employers and learn about their organizations at Career Fairs and employer information sessions: 

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The College of Business Administration also posts reminders for these events on our Facebook page at

Job Mine is a program that directly connects students with employers.  Through Job Mine, students will receive updates on companies hiring for internships, full-time and part-time positions. If you have not already set up your Job Mine account, then please take a few minutes to use the link below and create your account. 

Job Mine Instructions

Writing Your Resume

Before meeting with employers, students should prepare a professional resume.  For students creating their first resume, the college provides a resume template.  Please remember that before a resume is ready for employers, it should first be reviewed.  Students can make appointments with a Peer Career Advisor (PCA) for the first review or they can email their resumes to  A secondary review is recommended with the pre-business advisor/lectures at the College of Business Administration. 

Please remember to keep an updated copy of your resume on your Job Mine account. 

Professional Development Workshops and Events

Employer Speed Networking

The college holds professional development workshops on everything from preparing your resume to negotiating a job offer. Employers and COBA Program Advisor/Lecturers present many of these workshops at the College of Business Administration.

The College of Business Administration also holds the following professional development events.

Employer Speed Networking

The evening before the fall Career Fair, the College of Business Administration holds a networking event for employers and business students in a speed dating type format.  The event provides business students a more relaxed atmosphere to ask employers questions and learn about the organizations.

Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews

Each spring, the College of Business Administration coordinates mock interviews with employers and business students.  Mock interviews are an excellent opportunity for students to practice their interviewing skills with employers and then receive feedback on their performance.  

Students can watch COBA’s Facebook page to keep up to date on the next scheduled event.

Use the link below to see when the next class is being offered.

Student Organizations

Fall 2012 Student Org Fair

Joining a business student organization is an excellent way for CoBA students to begin their career research.  Visit the Business Student Organizations page for a complete list of organizations.  Below are the top 10 reasons a student should join a business student organization:

  • Meet business professionals
  • Build leadership and business skills
  • Make friends with common career goals
  • Go on company tours
  • Attend social networking events
  • Make a difference in your community
  • Compete in national conferences/competitions
  • Travel!!!
  • Internship opportunities
  • Secure your dream job

Pre-Business Undergraduate Advisors/Lecturers

The pre-business undergraduate advisor/lecturers are located at the College of Business Administration in room 104.  These advisors help freshmen and sophomores with course planning, choosing a major and overall career advice.  Once students are ready to declare their major, they can meet with one of the department’s junior and senior advisors.  Visit the advising page for office hours and advisor contact information. 

Internship Interviews

Test-Driving My Career at Walmart

Test-Driving My Career at Deloitte

Miguel Piñuelas at Expeditors International

Diana Montes at Merrill Lynch

Alfonso Andre at the El Paso County Court House