Master of Science in Economics

Master of Science in Economics

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The Department of Economics and Finance offers a Master of Science degree in economics. This degree provides students with the opportunity for specialization in areas within economics and for course work in related areas outside of economics. Some suggested areas for specialization within economics are applied econometrics, international economics, business economics, public choice, and border economics.

Areas in which elective course work may be taken include finance, border studies, public administration, statistics, and computer information systems. All proposed degree plans must be approved by the Graduate Advisor and the Graduate School.

A large number of MS-Econ courses are conveniently scheduled during evening hours and on Saturdays.


Adam Walke
MSE Program Academic Advisor
Business Room 325
(915) 747-7775

Dr. Tom Fullerton
MSE Program Director
Business Room 241
(915) 747-7747