Dr.José Humberto Ablanedo Rosas

Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Bao, H.;  Peng, Y.;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Gao, Hongman;  2015.  An alternative incomplete information bargaining model for identifying the reasonable concession period of a BOT project.  International Journal of Project Management

Guerrero Campanur, Aarón;  Olivares-Benitez, Elias;  Miranda Gonzalez, Pablo A.;  Perez-Loaiza, Rodolfo Eleazar;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2015.  Linearization of a Joint Inventory-Location Model with Continuous Review Policy for a Three-Echelon Supply Chain.  Annals of Operations Research

Cardenas, Jesus;  Gemoets, Leo;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Sarfi, R.;  2014.  A Literature Survey on Smart Grid Distribution: An Analytical Approach.  Journal of Cleaner Production

Ruiz Torres, Alex;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Alomoto, Nelson;  Jadan Aviles, D.;  2014.  Minimización de la tardanza en problemas de programación de tareas en máquinas paralelas con deterioro de los recursos. 

Ruiz Torres, Alex;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Alomoto, Nelson;  Mahmoodi, Farzad;  Zeng, Amy;  2014.  Production Planning of Parallel Resources considering Capacity, Production, Late Delivery and Loss Costs..  International Journal of Applied Management Science

Suárez-Barraza, M.F.;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2014.  TQM principles: implementation experience from Mexican organizations.  Total Quality Management & Business Excellence

Lundy, Harold;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Gao, Hongman;  Wang, Haibo;  Lundy, Barusch;  2014.  Evaluating Telecommunications Efficiency in China with Data Envelopment Analysis..  International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences

Ruiz Torres, Alex;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Mukhopadhyay, Somnath;  2013.  Supplier Allocation Model for Textile Recycling Operations.  International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management

Mendoza, Abraham;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Ruiz Torres, Alex;  2013.  Modelo para la planificación en la cadena de suministro: selección y asignación a proveedores en el caso de lotes fijos..  Ingenieria y Desarrollo

Ayala-Cruz, Jorge;  Ruiz Torres, Alex;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2012.  Modelo de asignación de compras a proveedores considerando su flexibilidad y probabilidad de incumplimiento en la entrega..  Estudios Gerenciales

Ho, J.;  Ruiz Torres, Alex;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2012.  The Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem with Variable Demand and Predefined Lot Size.  International Journal of Operational Research

Akoto, E.;  Gao, H.;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2012.  Assessment of labour systems: the manufacturing case of the leading industrialised countries.  International Journal of Business and Systems Research

Jinggang, Xu;  Gao, Hongman;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2012.  Logistic Systems and New Market Players: The case of Yiwu city.  International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management

Otero, L. Daniel;  Ruiz Torres, Alex;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2012.  Scheduling with multiple tasks per job the case of quality control laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry.  International Journal of Production Research

Abdelfattah, Belal;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Gemoets, Leo;  2011.  Developing Country Efficiency Assessment by means of a Comprehensive Model Based on Data Envelopment Analysis.  International Journal of Society Systems Science

Ho, J.;  Ruiz Torres, Alex;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2011.  Makespan and Workstation Utilization Minimization in a Flowshop with Operations Flexibility.  OMEGA the International Journal of Management Science, ISI Impact Factor 2009: 3.101, ISI 5-Year Impact factor 3.235.

Gao, H.;  Blevins, R.;  Teng, W.;  White, J.;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2011.  The Impact of Occupational Stress Among College Faculty, Staff, and Students: An Empirical Case Analysis.  Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management

Gao, H.;  Zheng, X.;  Alidaee, B.;  Wang, H.;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2010.  A Study of the Relative Efficiency of Chinese Ports: A Financial Ratio Based Data Envelopment Analysis Approach.  Expert Systems: The Journal of Knowledge Engineering, ISI Impact Factor 2009: 1.231, ISI 5-Year Impact Factor: 1.153.

Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Gemoets, Leo;  2010.  Measuring the Efficiency of Mexican Airports.  Journal of Air Transport Management

Alidaee, B.;  Moreno, J.;  Urbina, J.;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2010.  Quality Improvement Supported by the 5S, A Case Study of Mexican Organizations.  International Journal of Production Research, Impact Factor: 2009: 0.803, 5-Year Impact Factor: 1.363

Morgan, C.;  Gao, H.;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2010.  An Efficiency Study of Urban Public Elementary Schools Using Data Envelopment Analysis.  International Journal of Management in Education

Ho, Johnny;  Ruiz Torres, Alex;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2010.  Minimizing the Number of Tardy Jobs in the Flowshop Problem with Operation and Resource Flexibility.  Computers & Operations Research  37 (2), 282-291

Rego, C.;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2010.  Surrogate Constraint Normalization for the Set Covering Problem.  European Journal of Operational Research, Impact Factor: 2009: 2.093, 5-Year Impact Factor: 2.599.

Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Ruiz Torres, Alex;  2009.  Benchmarking of Mexican Ports with Data Envelopment Analysis.  International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics  1 (3), 276-294

Gao, H;  Alidaee, B;  Teng, W;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2009.  Allocation of Emergency and Recovery Centers in Hidalgo, Mexico.  International Journal of Services Sciences  2 (2), 206-218

Aiken, M;  Vanjani, M;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2007.  Efficacy of English to Spanish Automatic Translation.  International Journal of Information and Operations Management Education  2 (2), 194-210

Conference Proceedings

Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Olivares Benitez, Elias;  Arslan, Faruk;  Ablanedo Rosas, Gerardo;  2014.  Cross Evaluation Based on Financial-Ratios: The Case of Chinese Ports. 

Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Perez Loaiza, R. E.;  Olivares Benitez, Elias;  Guerrero Campanur, A.;  2014.  Diseño de una cadena de suministro con decisiones de eficiencia, localización e inventario usando un algoritmo evolutivo multiobjetivo.  XVII Latin-Iberian-American Conference on Operations Research

Olivares-Benítez, Elias;  Garcia-Bañuelos, Sonia;  Bernabe Loranca, María Beatriz;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Martínez Flores, José Luis;  2013.  Sales force deployment and territory partitioning with multiple objectives. 

Cardenas, Jesus;  Gemoets, Leo;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2013.  Where is the action in Smart Grid Distribution? Word mining of published research. 

Matus, Jesus;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Gemoets, Leo;  Ruiz Torres, Alex;  2012.  Cross Evaluation of the ICT-Development Index.  Decision Sciences Institute

Otero, Daniel;  Ruiz Torres, Alex;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2011.  Scheduling with Multiple Tasks per Job the Case of Quality Control Laboratories in the Pharmaceutical Industry. 

Ho, Johnny C.;  Ruiz Torres, Alex;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2011.  Minimizing Makespan and Workstation Utilization in a Flowshop with Operations Flexibility..  Proceedings of the 2011 Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Conference.