Dr.Nathan Ashby

Associate Professor of Economics

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Avilia, Bueno;  Deborah, Martiniez;  Ashby, Nathan;  2013.  The Determinants of Immigration from Mexico to the United States: A State-to-State Analysis.  Economics Letters  20 (7), 4

Bueno, Avilia;  Martinez Villareal, Deborah;  Ashby, Nathan;  2013.  Economic Freedom and Economic Development in the Mexican State.  http://www.jrap-journal.org/  43 (1), 21-33

Liu, Yu;  Fullerton, Thomas;  Ashby, Nathan;  2013.  Assessing the Impacts of Labor Market and Deterrence Variables on Crime Rates in Mexico.  Contemporary Economic Policy  31 (4), 669-690

Ashby, Nathan;  Ramos-Gonzalez, Miguel;  2013.  Foreign direct investment and industry response to organized crime: The Mexican case.  European Journal of Political Economy

Ramos-Gonzalez, Miguel;  Ashby, Nathan;  2013.  Heterogeneous Firm Response to Organized Crime: Evidence from FDI in Mexico.  Journal of International Management

Ashby, Nathan;  2010.  Freedom and International Migration.  Southern Economic Journal  77 (1), 49-62

Ashby, Nathan;  2009.  Institutions and Human Progress: An Analysis of International Pooled Data.  Eastern Economic Journal  35 (3), 396-414

Sobel, Russell;  Ashby, Nathan;  2008.  Income Inequality and Economic Freedom in the U.S. States.  Public Choice  134 (3-4), 329-346

Ashby, Nathan;  2007.  Economic Freedom and Migration Flows Between U.S. States.  Southern Economic Journal  73 (3), 667-697

Books and Book Chapters

Bueno, Avilia;  Fred, McMahon;  Ashby, Nathan;  2011.  Economic Freedom of North America 2011.  Fraser Institute

Bueno, Avilia;  Amela, Karabegovic;  Fred, McMahon;  Ashby, Nathan;  2010.  Economic Freedom of North America 2010.  The Fraser Institute, 130

Ashby, Nathan;  2008.  Economic Freedom in the United Mexican States, Chapter 4.  The Fraser Institute, 69-76

Gillis, M;  Ashby, Nathan;  2007.  Reduce Labor Market Restrictions: From School Choice to Right to Work.  West Virginia: Public Policy Foundation of West Virginia  Chapter 10, 147-167