Dr.Kallol Bagchi

Nita and Jim Phillips Endowed Professorship in Business
Professor of Computer Information Systems

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Bagchi, Kallol;  Udo, Godwin;  Kirs, Peeter;  Choden, Khendum;  2015.  Internet Use and Human Values: Analyses of Developing and Developed Countries.  Computers and Human Behavior

Bagchi, Kallol;  Kirs, Peeter;  Udo, Godwin;  2015.  Characteristics and determinants of insourced and offshored projects: A comparative analysis.  Journal of World Business

Mukhopadhyay, Arunabha;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2014.  National-Level Determinants of Global Music Piracy and Online Music Sales: An Exploratory Study.  Taylor and Francis  17 (1), 15

Bagchi, Kallol;  Udo, Godwin;  2013.  Analysis of Success Drivers of E-Health Infrastructure and Use: A National Level Study.  International Journal of Computers & Technology  5 (2), 130 - 135

Mandal,, P.;  Gunasekaran, P.;  Mukhopadhyay, Somnath;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2012.  The impact of organizational study and culture, people, and, technology management on organizational practice and performance: an Emperical analysis, International.  International Journal of Information Systems and Change  Vol 16 (#2), 160-176

Kirs, Peeter;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2012.  The Impact of Trust and Trust Erosion on the Diffusion of Information and Communication Technologies and Related Phenomenon at A National Leve.  International Journal of Information Management, Elsevier (IF: 1.764)  32, 431-441

Udo, Godwin;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Kirs, Peeter;  2012.  Exploring the Role of Values on E-Service Adoption: A Comparative Analysis of the U.S. and Nigerian Users.  Computers in Human Behavior/Elshevier (IF:2.476)  28 (5), 1768-1781

Udo, Godwin;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Kirs, Peeter;  2012.  Exploring the Role of Values on E-Service Adoption: A Comparative Analysis of the U.S. and Nigerian Users.  Computers in Human Behavior  28 (5), 1768-1781

Mandal;  Gunasekaran, Angappa;  Mukhopadhyay, Somnath;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2012.  The Impact of Organizational Strategy and Culture, People and Technology Management On Organizational Practice and Performance: An Empirical Analysis.  International Journal of Information Systems and Change Management/ InderScience Publishers  6 (2), 160-176

Tang, Zaiyong;  Kirs, Peeter;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2012.  The Demise of Novell Netware—Did Perceptions Related to Network Administration Play a Role?.  Information Systems Management  29 (1), 26 - 39

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Udo, Godwin;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Kirs, Peeter;  2011.  Using SERVQUAL to Assess the Quality of E-learning Experience.  Computers in Human Behavior  27 (3)

Tang;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2010.  Globally Convergent Particle Swarm Optimization via Branch-and Bound.  Computer and Information Science, Canadian Center for Science and Education  3 (4), 60-71

Udo, Godwin;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Kirs, Peeter;  2010.  An Assessment of Customers’ E-Service Quality Perception, Satisfaction and Intention.  International Journal of Information Management  30 (6), 481-492

Bagchi, Kallol;  Udo, Godwin;  2010.  An Empirical Assessment of ICT Diffusion in Africa and OECD.  International Journal of Information Technology and Management  9 (2), 162-184

Mukhopadhyay, Somnath;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Udo, Godwin;  2009.  Examining Factors and Predictive Validity of A New Set of Global Mobile Diffusion Models.  International Journal of Electronic Business / INDERSCIENCE PUBLISHERS  7 (6), 553-580

Tang, Zaiyong;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2009.  Explorative Assessment of Internet Hacking: An Agent-based Modeling Approach.  Journal of Information Privacy and Security  5 (2), 42-64

Bagchi, Kallol;  Kirs, Peeter;  2009.  Group Analysis at Regional Levels can be Meaningful in Global IS Research.  Journal of Global Information Technology Management  12 (4), 1-4

Mukhopadhyay, Somnath;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Udo, Godwin;  2009.  Modeling Mobile Technology Growth Using Diffusion Models and Neural Networks.  International Journal of Electronic Business (6), 553-580

Bagchi, Kallol;  Udo, Godwin;  2008.  An Empirical Assessment of ICT Diffusion In Africa and OECD.  International Journal of Information Technology Management, Inderscience Publishers

Udo, Godwin;  Kirs, Peeter;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2008.  Assessing Service Quality of B2C Customers: a SERVQUAL Approach.  Issues in Information Systems  9 (2), 313-322

Bagchi, Kallol;  Kirs, Peeter;  Lopez, Francisco;  2008.  The Impact of Price Decreases on Telephone and Cell Phone Diffusion.  Information and Management  45 (3), 183-193. ISI 5 year Impact Factor= 3.392

Das, T;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2008.  An Empirical Study Outlining the Factors That Impact Ereligion Infrastructure and Ereligiosity.  Journal for Interdisciplinary Research on Religion and Science  3, 113-120

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Bagchi, Kallol;  Mukhopadhyay, Somnath;  2006.  Predicting Global Internet Growth Using Augmented Diffusion, Fuzzy Regression and Neural Network Models.  International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making  5 (1), 155-171. ISI Journal Quality Ranking= 0.953

Books and Book Chapters

Putnam, Karl;  Abdelfattah, Belal;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Braun, Gary;  2015.  Chapter 2: Tax Compliance and International Cultural Factors: A Multi-level Empirical Study. 

Bagchi, Kallol;  Mandal, Purnendu;  Choden, Khendum;  2013.  Trust or Cultural Distance--Which Has More Influence in Global ICT Adoption?.  Springer, 619-628

Mansouri-Rad, Parand;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Udo, Godwin;  2010.  Comparison of ICT Diffusion in Middle East and OECD Nations.  Ivy League Publishing

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Tang, Z.;  Leung, C.;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2006.  Improving Population Estimation with Neural Network Models in Lecture Notes in Computer Science.  Springer, 3973

Conference Proceedings

Arslan, Faruk;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Zhang, Jie;  2014.  Evaluation of Firm Level Technology Usage in Developing Countries.  Association of Information Systems

Bagchi, Kallol;  Udo, Godwin;  Kirs, Peeter;  2014.  Personal Values and Internet Use: A Comparison of Russian Diaspora in Three Erstwhile Soviet Union Nations with Russians in Russian Federation.  Annual Conference of Global Information Technology Management Association

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Bagchi, Kallol;  Mukhopadhyay, Somnath;  2013.  THE DETERMINANTS OF QUALITY OF SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS.  DSI Institute, 671769-1 -- 671769-9

Aleti, Meghana;  Godina, Heriberto;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2013.  The Influence of Schwartz’s Values on Teachers’ Internet Usage: A Quantitative Study of Cross-Cultural Value Differences Between European Nations.  American Educational Research Association (AERA)

Donald, Aurelia;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Kirs, Peeter;  2012.  A national Level approach to understanding Internet Security Breaches.  Proceedings of the 2012 Pre-ICIS JIPS Workshop

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