Dr.Kallol Bagchi

Nita and Jim Phillips Endowed Professorship in Business
Professor of Computer Information Systems

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Gupta, Gaurav;  Zaidi, Syed;  Udo, Godwin;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2015.  The Influence of Theory of Planned Behavior, Technology Acceptance Model, and Information Systems Success Model on the Acceptance of Electronic Tax Filing System in an Emerging Economy.  The International Journal of Digital Accounting Research  15, 155-185

Bagchi, Kallol;  Udo, Godwin;  Kirs, Peeter;  Choden, Khendum;  2015.  Internet Use and Human Values: Analyses of Developing and Developed Countries.  Computers and Human Behavior

Bagchi, Kallol;  Kirs, Peeter;  Udo, Godwin;  2015.  Characteristics and determinants of insourced and offshored projects: A comparative analysis.  Journal of World Business

Mukhopadhyay, Arunabha;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2014.  National-Level Determinants of Global Music Piracy and Online Music Sales: An Exploratory Study.  Taylor and Francis  17 (1), 15

Bagchi, Kallol;  Udo, Godwin;  2013.  Analysis of Success Drivers of E-Health Infrastructure and Use: A National Level Study.  International Journal of Computers & Technology  5 (2), 130 - 135

Mandal,, P.;  Gunasekaran, P.;  Mukhopadhyay, Somnath;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2012.  The impact of organizational study and culture, people, and, technology management on organizational practice and performance: an Emperical analysis, International.  International Journal of Information Systems and Change  Vol 16 (#2), 160-176

Kirs, Peeter;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2012.  The Impact of Trust and Trust Erosion on the Diffusion of Information and Communication Technologies and Related Phenomenon at A National Leve.  International Journal of Information Management, Elsevier (IF: 1.764)  32, 431-441

Udo, Godwin;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Kirs, Peeter;  2012.  Exploring the Role of Values on E-Service Adoption: A Comparative Analysis of the U.S. and Nigerian Users.  Computers in Human Behavior/Elshevier (IF:2.476)  28 (5), 1768-1781

Udo, Godwin;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Kirs, Peeter;  2012.  Exploring the Role of Values on E-Service Adoption: A Comparative Analysis of the U.S. and Nigerian Users.  Computers in Human Behavior  28 (5), 1768-1781

Mandal;  Gunasekaran, Angappa;  Mukhopadhyay, Somnath;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2012.  The Impact of Organizational Strategy and Culture, People and Technology Management On Organizational Practice and Performance: An Empirical Analysis.  International Journal of Information Systems and Change Management/ InderScience Publishers  6 (2), 160-176

Tang, Zaiyong;  Kirs, Peeter;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2012.  The Demise of Novell Netware—Did Perceptions Related to Network Administration Play a Role?.  Information Systems Management  29 (1), 26 - 39

Udo, Godwin;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2011.  Understanding the Influence of Espoused Culture on Acceptance of Online Services in a Developing Country.  Journal of Information Technology Thory and Application  12 (2)

Udo, Godwin;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Kirs, Peeter;  2011.  Using SERVQUAL to Assess the Quality of E-learning Experience.  Computers in Human Behavior  27 (3)

Tang;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2010.  Globally Convergent Particle Swarm Optimization via Branch-and Bound.  Computer and Information Science, Canadian Center for Science and Education  3 (4), 60-71

Udo, Godwin;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Kirs, Peeter;  2010.  An Assessment of Customers’ E-Service Quality Perception, Satisfaction and Intention.  International Journal of Information Management  30 (6), 481-492

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Mukhopadhyay, Somnath;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Udo, Godwin;  2009.  Examining Factors and Predictive Validity of A New Set of Global Mobile Diffusion Models.  International Journal of Electronic Business / INDERSCIENCE PUBLISHERS  7 (6), 553-580

Tang, Zaiyong;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2009.  Explorative Assessment of Internet Hacking: An Agent-based Modeling Approach.  Journal of Information Privacy and Security  5 (2), 42-64

Bagchi, Kallol;  Kirs, Peeter;  2009.  Group Analysis at Regional Levels can be Meaningful in Global IS Research.  Journal of Global Information Technology Management  12 (4), 1-4

Mukhopadhyay, Somnath;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Udo, Godwin;  2009.  Modeling Mobile Technology Growth Using Diffusion Models and Neural Networks.  International Journal of Electronic Business (6), 553-580

Bagchi, Kallol;  Udo, Godwin;  2008.  An Empirical Assessment of ICT Diffusion In Africa and OECD.  International Journal of Information Technology Management, Inderscience Publishers

Udo, Godwin;  Kirs, Peeter;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2008.  Assessing Service Quality of B2C Customers: a SERVQUAL Approach.  Issues in Information Systems  9 (2), 313-322

Bagchi, Kallol;  Kirs, Peeter;  Lopez, Francisco;  2008.  The Impact of Price Decreases on Telephone and Cell Phone Diffusion.  Information and Management  45 (3), 183-193. ISI 5 year Impact Factor= 3.392

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Cerveny, R.;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Kirs, Peeter;  2006.  Global Software Piracy: Can Economic Factors Alone Explain the Trend?.  Communications of the ACM  49 (6), 70-75.

Bagchi, Kallol;  Mukhopadhyay, Somnath;  2006.  Predicting Global Internet Growth Using Augmented Diffusion, Fuzzy Regression and Neural Network Models.  International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making  5 (1), 155-171. ISI Journal Quality Ranking= 0.953

Books and Book Chapters

Bagchi, Kallol;  Mandal, Purnendu;  2015.  Are Values of Managers Associated with the Tasks They Perform? A Transnational Level Empirical Analysis.  Springer, 31-44

Putnam, Karl;  Abdelfattah, Belal;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Braun, Gary;  2015.  Chapter 2: Tax Compliance and International Cultural Factors: A Multi-level Empirical Study. 

Bagchi, Kallol;  Mandal, Purnendu;  Choden, Khendum;  2013.  Trust or Cultural Distance--Which Has More Influence in Global ICT Adoption?.  Springer, 619-628

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Tang, Z.;  Leung, C.;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2006.  Improving Population Estimation with Neural Network Models in Lecture Notes in Computer Science.  Springer, 3973

Conference Proceedings

Zhang, Jie;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Udo, Godwin;  2015.  What Drives Social Network Sites Penetration and Adoption? A Cross Country Analysis.  Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting

Arslan, Faruk;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Ryu, SeungEui;  2015.  A Preliminary Evaluation of the Determinants of Certification Success in MOOCs: A Multi-level Study, Proceedings AMCIS, Puerto Rico.  AMCIS Proceedings

Arslan, Faruk;  Bagchi, Kallol;  Zhang, Jie;  2014.  Evaluation of Firm Level Technology Usage in Developing Countries.  Association of Information Systems

Bagchi, Kallol;  Udo, Godwin;  Kirs, Peeter;  2014.  Personal Values and Internet Use: A Comparison of Russian Diaspora in Three Erstwhile Soviet Union Nations with Russians in Russian Federation.  Annual Conference of Global Information Technology Management Association

Bagchi, Kallol;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2014.  Southwest DSI Proceedings, 1641-1648

Bagchi, Kallol;  Mukhopadhyay, Somnath;  2014.  On Ecommerce.  Southwest DSI, 10

Bagchi, Kallol;  Mukhopadhyay, Somnath;  2013.  THE DETERMINANTS OF QUALITY OF SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS.  DSI Institute, 671769-1 -- 671769-9

Aleti, Meghana;  Godina, Heriberto;  Bagchi, Kallol;  2013.  The Influence of Schwartz’s Values on Teachers’ Internet Usage: A Quantitative Study of Cross-Cultural Value Differences Between European Nations.  American Educational Research Association (AERA)

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