Jesus Cardenas

Assistant Instructor

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Cardenas, J.A., Gemoets, L., Ablanedo-Rosas, J.H., Sarfi, R. (2014) A Literature Survey on Smart Grid Distribution: An Analytical Approach, Journal of Cleaner Production, 65, 202-216. ISI Impact Factor: 2012: 3.398, ISI 5-Year Impact Factor: 3.587.

Conference Proceedings

Cardenas, J.A., Gemoets, L., and Ablanedo-Rosas, J. H., Where is the action in Smart Grid Distribution? Word mining of published research, Proceedings of the 44th Annual Meeting Conference, Decision Sciences Institute, Baltimore, Maryland, November 16-19, 2013.

Knowledge Management Literature Trends: An ISI Web of Science and Google Scholar Comparison

ICT Diffusion at Developing Countries: The Role of Governance Types and Mechanisms

A Model to Develop Smart Energy Infrastructure in Latin America

Hall, L.; Parra, F. ; Cardenas, J.A. (2012). Just-in-Time Teaching as Innovative Instruction tool: An Empirical Study. 2012 Decision Science Institute 43rd Annual Meeting: San Francisco, CA.

Cardenas, J.; Coronado, A.; Parra, F.; Donald, A.; Mahmood, M.A. (2012) The Economic Impact of Security Breaches on Publicly Traded Corporations: An Empirical Investigation. American Conference on Information Systems: Seattle, WA.

A Taxonomy of Smart Grid Research to Date: Understanding Who is Creating the Intelectual Capital