Dr.Wenming Chung

Assistant Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Chung, W., Talluri, S. and Narasimhan, R. (2014). Quantity flexibility contract in the presence of discount incentives. Decision Sciences, 45(1),pp.49-79. 5-yr Impact factor: 3.146

Chung, W., Narasimhan, R.,and Talluri, S. (2012). The role of schedule mismatch in ending inventory decisions in the presence of price cuts. Journal of Business Logistics, Vol. 33(4),262-278. 2012 Impact factor:2.352

Chung, W, Talluri, S., and Narasimhan, R.(2011) Price markdown scheme in a multi-echelon supply chain. European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 215 (3), 581-589. 5-yr Impact factor:2.277

Talluri, S., Narasimhan, R., and Chung, W. (2010). Manufacturer Cooperation and Supplier Development under Risk. European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 207 (1), 165-173. 5-yr Impact factor:2.277

Chung, W., Talluri, S. and Narasimhan, R. (2010). Flexibility or Discount? Sourcing decisions with two suppliers. Decision Sciences, Vol.41 (3), 623-650. 5-yr Impact factor: 3.146

Ruiz-Torres, A., Santiago, P., and Chung, W. (2010). The campaign and lot size scheduling problem: a modification of the economic lot scheduling problem for the pharmaceutical industry, International Journal of Logistics System and Management, Vol. 7 (2), 184-197.

Boyer, K., Prodh'omme, A., Chung, W. (2009). The Last Mile Challenge: Evaluating the Effects of Customer Density and Delivery Window Patterns. Journal of Business Logistics. 2012 Impact factor:2.352

Chung, W., and Swink, M. (2009). Patterns of AMT utilization and the growth of manufacturing capabilities, Production and Operations Management, Vol.18 (5), 533-545. 5-yr Impact factor=2.259.

Talluri, S., Chung, W., and Narasimhan, R. (2006). “An optimization model for phased supplier integration into e-procurement systems,” IIE Transactions, Vol. 38 (5), 389-399. (Lead Article) (The contribution of this paper to capital investment decisions is highlighted in Industrial Engineer, May, p.52, 2006). 5-yr Impact Factor: 1.469