Dr.William Elliott

JP Morgan Chase Bank Professorship in Business Administration
Professor of Finance

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Working Papers

A Case Study: The Initial Public Offering of Williams Communications

Dyl, E.A., Elliott, W.B., Upson, J.E., "Berkshire Hathaway: A tale of two stocks"

Elliott, W. B., Koeter-Kant, J., Warr, R. S., "Convertible Debt and Valuation Errors.”.

Elliott, W. B., Dare, W. H., Gosnell, T., "Forget CNBC and Turn on the Weather Channel."

Seasoned Equity Offerings: Asymmetric Information and Underwriter

Published Papers - Academic Journals

Elliott, W. B., Warr, R. S., Koeter-Kant, J., Oztekin, O., "Equity mispricing and leverage adjustment costs," Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, June, 2012. ISI 5-year Impact Factor = 2.146; Harzing Journal Quality Rating = A*

Elliott, W. B., Prevost, A. K., Rau, R. P. (2009). The Announcement Impact of Seasoned Equity Offerings on Bondholder. Journal of Banking and Finance, 33(8), 1472-1480. ISI Journal Quality Rating=2.20 Harzing Journal Quality Rating= Top Journal.

Elliott, W. B., Koeter-Kant, J., Warr, R. S. (2008). Market Timing and the Debt-Equity Choice. Journal of Financial Intermediation, 17(2), 175-197. ISI Journal Quality Rating= 1.448.

Elliott, W. B., Koëter-Kant, J., Warr, R. S. (2007). A Valuation-Based Test of Market Timing. Journal of Corporate Finance, 13(1), 112-128. ISI Journal Quality Rating=1.531.

Elliott, W. B., Dyl, E. A. (2006). The Share Price Puzzle. Journal of Business, 79(4), 2045-2066. ISI Impact Factor=0.882; Harzing Journal Quality Rating= Top Journal Category.

Elliott, W. B., Walker, M. D., Van Ness, B. F., Warr, R. S. (2006). What Drives the S&P 500 Inclusion Effect? An Analytical Survey. Financial Management, 35(4), 31-48. ISI Journal Quality Rating=1.273 Harzing Journal Quality Rating= World Leading/ High Quality Journal.