Dr.Rick Francis

Associate Professor of Accounting

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Olsen, Lori;  Francis, Richard;  2015.  The out-of-sample prediction of annual operating cash flow: A comparison of regression and naive forecast models.  Advances in Financial Planning and Forecasting  6, 65-93

Olsen, Lori;  Harrast, Steven;  Mattingly, Jim;  Francis, Richard;  2013.  The Relations between Accounting Conservatism and Corporate Social Performance An Empirical Investigation.  Business and Society Review  118 (2), 193-222

Eason, Patricia;  Francis, Richard;  2012.  Accruals and the na├»ve out-of-sample prediction of operating cash flow.  Advances in Accounting / Elsevier  28 (2), 226-234

Bauman, Mark;  Francis, Richard;  2011.  Issues in Lessor Accounting: The Forgotten Half of Lease Accounting.  Accounting Horizons  25 (2), 247-266

Francis, Richard;  2010.  Out-of-Sample Cash Flow Prediction and Cash Distributions to Shareholders.  Advances in Accounting / Elsevier  27 (1), 1-9

Francis, Richard;  2010.  The Relative Information Content of Operating and Financing Cash Flow in the Proposed Cash Flow Statement.  Accounting and Finance  50 (4), Harzing Journal Quality Ranking=Highly Regarded Journal

Francis, Richard;  2010.  The Presence of Foreign Private Issuers in the North American Compustat Database: A Note for Empirical Research in Accounting and Finance.  Advances in Accounting, Elsevier Science Ltd  26 (2), 221-226

Bauman, Mark;  Francis, Richard;  2009.  Significant Changes in Lease Accounting on the Way.  Commercial Lending Review  24 (5, September/October 2009), 11-18

Bauman, Mark;  Francis, Richard;  2008.  An Examination of Supplemental Disclosure Requirements for Development Stage Enterprises..  Research in Accounting Regulation  20, 155-174

Francis, Richard;  2008.  The Market Valuation of Accrual Components.  Review of Accounting and Finance  7 (2), 150-166

Conference Proceedings

Olsen, Lori;  Francis, Richard;  Glandon, Sidney;  2011.  The Persistence of Current and Proposed Measures of Operating Cash Flow.  2011 Annual American Accounting Association Conference

Braun, Gary;  Francis, Richard;  2010.  Using the Reconciliation for the Proposed Cash Flow Statement to Predict Future Business Cash Flow.