Dr.Thomas Fullerton

Chair for the Study of Trade in the Americas
Professor of Economics

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Fullerton, Thomas;  Peach, James;  2016.  Major League Baseball 2015, What a Difference a Year Makes.  Applied Economics Letters  23 (18), 1289-1293

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Fullerton, Thomas;  Morales, Carlos;  Walke, Adam;  2014.  The Effects of Education, Infrastructure, and Demographics on Regional Income Performance in Missouri.  Regional & Sectoral Economics  14 (1), 5-25

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Books and Book Chapters

Fullerton, Thomas;  Walke, Adam;  Barraza de Anda, Martha;  Ronquillo Chavez, Cely;  2013.  Un Analisis Preliminar sobre el Impacto de la Crisis Financiera de 2008 en Ciudad Juarez y la ciudad de Chihuahua.  El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, 237-253

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Conference Proceedings

Villalobos, Emmanuel;  Fullerton, Thomas;  2011.  Border Region Housing Values.  Cambridge Business & Economics Conference (2011), 22

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