Dr.Roland Gau

Assistant Professor of Marketing

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Ramirez, Edward;  Gau, Roland;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2015.  Concrete and Abstract Goals Associated with the Consumption of Environmentally Sustainable Products.  European Journal of Marketing  49 (9/10), 1645-65

Gau, Roland;  Ramirez, Edward;  Barua, Maria;  Gonzalez, Ricardo;  2014.  Community-Based Initiatives and Poverty Alleviation in Subsistence Marketplaces.  Journal of Macromarketing, 11

Phipps, Marcus;  Ozanne, Lucie;  Luchs, Michael;  Subrahmanyan, Saroja;  Kapitan, Sommer;  Catlin, Jesse;  Gau, Roland;  Naylor, Rebecca;  Rose, Randall;  Simpson, Bonnie;  Weaver, Todd;  2013.  Unerstanding the inherent complexity of sustainable consumption: A social cognitive framework.  Journal of Business Research  66, 1227 - 1234

Jae, Haeran;  Viswanathan, Madhubalan;  Gau, Roland;  2012.  Studying Low-Literate Consumers Through Experimental Methods: Implications for Subsistence Marketplaces.  Journal of Business Research  65 (12), 1683-91

Luchs, Michael;  Walker Naylor, Rebecca;  Rose, Randall;  Caitlin, Jesse;  Kapitan, Sommer;  Mish, Jennie;  Ozanne, Lucie;  Phipps, Marcus;  Simpson, Bonnie;  Subrahmanyan, Saroja;  Weaver, Todd;  Gau, Roland;  2011.  Toward a Sustainable Marketplace: Expanding Options and Benefits for Consumers.  Journal of Research for Consumers  19

Viswanathan, Madhubalan;  Seth, Anju;  Chaturvedi, Avinish;  Gau, Roland;  2009.  Ingraining Product-Relevant Social Good into Business Processes in Subsistence Marketplaces: The Sustainable Market Orientation.  Journal of Macromarketing  29 (4), 406-425

Viswanathan, Madhubalan;  Hastak, Manoj;  Gau, Roland;  2009.  Understanding and Facilitating the Usage of Nutritional Labels by Low-Literate Consumers.  Journal of Public Policy and Marketing  28 (2), 135-145

Viswanathan, Madhu;  Torelli, Carlos;  Xia, Lan;  Gau, Roland;  2009.  Understanding the Influence of Literacy on Consumer Memory: The Role of Pictorial Elements.  Journal of Consumer Psychology  19 (3), 389-402

Viswanathan, Madhubalan;  Sridharan, Srinivas;  Ritchie, Robin;  Gau, Roland;  2009.  Designing Marketplace Literacy Education in Resource-Constrained Contexts: Implications for Public Policy and Marketing.  Journal of Public Policy and Marketing  28 (1), 85-94

Books and Book Chapters

Gau, Roland;  Ramirez, Edward;  Gonzalez, Ricardo;  Perez, Ray;  2013.  Perspectives on Poverty Alleviation: Community-Based Enterprise, Development of Innovation Capability, and the Vertical Integration Mindset.  Nova Science Publishers

Viswanathan, Madhubalan;  Chaturvedi, Avinish;  Gau, Roland;  2008.  Research Methods for Subsistence Marketplaces.  Greenleaf Publishing, 242-260

Conference Proceedings

Gau, Roland;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  Ramirez, Edward;  Diaz, Arturo;  2014.  Resilience in the Face of Violent Uncertainty in Juarez, Mexico.  Fifth Subsistence Marketplaces Conference