Dr.Roland Gau

Assistant Professor of Marketing

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Community-Based Initiatives and Poverty Alleviation in Subsistence Marketplaces

Gau, Roland, Haeran Jae, and Madhu Viswanathan (2012), “Studying Low-Literate Consumers Through Experimental Methods: Implications for Subsistence Marketplaces,” Journal of Business Research 65 (12), 1683-91.

Luchs, Michael, Rebecca Walker Naylor, Randall L. Rose, Jesse Catlin, Roland Gau, Sommer Kapitan, Jenny Mish, Lucie Ozanne, Marcus Phipps, Bonnie Simpson, Saroja Subrahmanyan, Todd Weaver (2011), “Toward a Sustainable Marketplace: Expanding Options and Benefits for Consumers,” Journal of Research for Consumers 19, Available at: http://www.jrconsumers.com/academic_articles/issue_19,_2011.

Viswanathan, Madhubalan, Anju Seth, Roland Gau, and Avinish Chaturvedi (2009), “Ingraining Product-Relevant Social Good into Business Processes in Subsistence Marketplaces: The Sustainable Market Orientation,” Journal of Macromarketing 29 (4), 406-425.

Viswanathan, Madhubalan, Manoj Hastak, and Roland Gau (2009), “Understanding and Facilitating the Usage of Nutritional Labels by Low-Literate Consumers,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 28 (2), 135-145.

Viswanathan, Madhubalan, Carlos Torelli, Lan Xia, and Roland Gau (2009), “Understanding the Influence of Literacy on Consumer Memory: The Role of Pictorial Elements,” Journal of Consumer Psychology 19(3), 389-402.

Viswanathan, Madhubalan, Srinivas Sridharan, Roland Gau, and Robin Ritchie (2009), “Designing Marketplace Literacy Education in Resource-Constrained Contexts: Implications for Public Policy and Marketing,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 28 (1), 85-94.

Books and Book Chapters

Gau, Roland, Edward Ramirez, Ricardo Gonzalez, and Ray Perez (2013), “Perspectives on Poverty Alleviation: Community-Based Enterprise, Development of Innovation Capability, and the Vertical Integration Mindset,” in Emerging Markets: Business Strategies, Economic Globalization and Impact of Competition, Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.

Viswanathan, Madhubalan, Roland Gau, and Avinish Chaturvedi, (2008), “Research Methods for Subsistence Marketplaces,” in Prabhu Khandachar and Minna Halme (eds.), Sustainability Challenges and Solutions at the Base of the Pyramid: Business, Technology and the Poor (pp. 242-260), Sheffield, UK: Greenleaf Publishing.

Conference Proceedings

Gau, Roland, Fernando R. Jiménez, Edward Ramirez, and Art Diaz (Accepted), “Resilience in the Face of Violent Uncertainty in Juarez, Mexico,” Fifth Subsistence Marketplaces Conference, Champaign, Illinois.