Dr.Leo Gemoets

Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Cardenas, Jesus;  Gemoets, Leo;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Sarfi, R.;  2014.  A Literature Survey on Smart Grid Distribution: An Analytical Approach.  Journal of Cleaner Production, ISI Impact Factor 2012: 3.398, ISI 5-Year Impact Factor: 3.587.

Abdelfattah, Belal;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Gemoets, Leo;  2011.  Developing Country Efficiency Assessment by means of a Comprehensive Model Based on Data Envelopment Analysis.  International Journal of Society Systems Science

Adenso-Diaz, B;  Gonzalez, P;  Gemoets, Leo;  Mahmood, Mourice;  2011.  A Cross-National Comparison of E-government Success Measures: A Theory-Based Empirical Research, International Journal of Electronic Governance (forthcoming).  International Journal of Electronic Governance  4 (3), 184-208

Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Gemoets, Leo;  2010.  Measuring the Efficiency of Mexican Airports.  Journal of Air Transport Management, ISI Impact Factor 2009: 0.828, ISI 5-Year Impact Factor: 1.086.

Mahmood, Mourice;  Gemoets, Leo;  Lopez, Francisco;  Hall, Laura;  2009.  Measuring E-Commerce Technology Enabled Business Value: An Exploratory Research.  International Journal of E-Business Research  4 (2)

Almonte, D;  Montoya, T;  Solis, Adriano;  Putnam, Karl;  Gemoets, Leo;  2006.  From Remote Hosting to Self Hosting of an ERP System: Lessons Learned from the City of El Paso.  Information Systems Management  23 (3), 88-101

Books and Book Chapters

Sarfi, Robert;  Vadari, Mani;  Gemoets, Leo;  2011.  Demystifying the Smart Grid of Tomorrow. 

Mahmood, Mourice;  Gemoets, Leo;  Hall, Laura;  Lopez, Francisco;  2009.  Building Business Value in E-Commerce Enabled Organizations: An Empirical Study.  IGI Global

Conference Proceedings

Parra, Fernando;  Mahmood, Mourice;  Hall, Laura;  Gemoets, Leo;  2015.  Enterprise System Implementation on Enterprise Risks with Fernaddo Parra, Laura Hall, and Leo Gemoets..  AMCIS Procceedings

Parra, Fernando;  Mahmood, Mourice;  Hall, Laura;  Gemoets, Leo;  2015.  Impact of IS Governance Assurances and Certifications on Enterprise Risk.  Association of Information Systems

Cardenas, Jesus;  Gemoets, Leo;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  2013.  Where is the action in Smart Grid Distribution? Word mining of published research. 

Arslan, Faruk;  Dayyala, Niharika;  Gemoets, Leo;  Gonzales, Michael;  Barulina, Maria;  2013.  Market value approach: Redefining intangible assets.  Decision Sciences Institute

Matus, Jesus;  Ablanedo Rosas, Jose;  Gemoets, Leo;  Ruiz Torres, Alex;  2012.  Cross Evaluation of the ICT-Development Index.  Decision Sciences Institute

Cardenas, Jesus;  Gemoets, Leo;  Sarfi, Robert;  2012.  A Model to Develop Smart Energy Infrastructure in Latin America.  Decision Science Institute

Parra, Fernando;  Gemoets, Leo;  Mukhopadhyay, Somnath;  2011.  On A Firm's Core Competency through Information Systems: A Meta-Analysis.  Proceedings of the 11th International Academy of Management and Business Winter Conference  11 (1), 11

Gonzales, Michael;  Mukhopadhyay, Somnath;  Gemoets, Leo;  2011.  BI factors for competitive advantage.  Decision Sciences Institute 41st Proceedings

Cardenas, Jesus;  Gemoets, Leo;  Sarfi, Robert;  2011.  A Taxonomy of Smart Grid Research to Date: Understanding Who is Creating the Intelectual Capital.  Decision Sciences Institute Conference 2011

Sarfi, Robert;  Gemoets, Leo;  2009.  Assessing the Impact of Electric Vehicles to the Distribution of Infrastructure.  2009 POWERGRID Europe Conference and Exhibition

Gonzales, Michael;  Mahmood, Mourice;  Gemoets, Leo;  Hall, Laura;  2009.  Risk and IT factors that Contribute to Competitive Advantage and Corporate Performance.  2009 AMCIS Conference

Gonzales, Michael;  Mahmood, Mourice;  Gemoets, Leo;  2009.  Technology-enabled Competitive Advantage: Leadership, Skill, and Infrastructure.  2009 Decision Sciences Institute

Luciano, Edimara;  Abdelfattah, Belal;  Mahmood, Mourice;  Gemoets, Leo;  2009.  Employee Computer Crime: An Empirical Research.  2009 Decision Sciences Institute

Gemoets, Leo;  Mahmood, Mourice;  Hall, Laura;  Dandu, Jagadish;  2008.  A Preliminary Assessment of the Impact of E-Government Technologies in Governmental Agencies.  AMCIS 2008 Annual Conference Proceedings

Gemoets, Leo;  Mahmood, Mourice;  Hall, Laura;  Parra, Fernando;  2008.  Critical Success Factors of E-Government Applications in the State of Texas.  AMCIS 2008

Mahmood, Mourice;  Gemoets, Leo;  Solis, Adriano;  Hall, Laura;  2006.  A Preliminary Assessment of the Impact of E-Commerce Technologies in Supply Chain Management.  Decision Sciences Institute

Mahmood, Mourice;  Solis, Adriano;  Gemoets, Leo;  Hall, Laura;  2006.  The Impact of E-Commerce Technologies in Supply Chain Management.  Proceedings of Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting

Mahmood, Mourice;  Gemoets, Leo;  Solis, Adriano;  Hall, Laura;  2006.  An E-Enabled Supply Chain Management Success Model Including the Service Quality Dimension: An Empirical Investigation.  AMCIS