Dr.Laura Guerrero

Associate Professor of Management

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Ruiz, Michelle;  Ibarreche, Santiago;  Peterson, Lori;  Guerrero, Laura;  2016.  The impact of immigrant acculturation and job search information on entrepreneurship opportunity..  International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Guerrero, Laura;  Hatala, John-Paul;  2015.  Antecedents of Perceived Overqualification: A Three-Wave Study.  Career Development International  20, 409-423

Guerrero, Laura;  Posthuma, Richard;  2014.  Perceptions and Behaviors of Hispanic Workers: A Review.  Journal of Managerial Psychology  29 (6), 616 - 643

Guerrero, Laura;  Singh, Satvir;  2013.  The Psychology of Working: A Case Study of Mexican-American Women with Low Educational Attainment.  The Career Development Quarterly  61, 27-39

Guerrero, Laura;  Rothstein, Mitchell;  2012.  Antecedents of underemployment: Job search of skilled immigrants in Canada.  Applied Psychology: An International Review  61 (2), 323-346

Campion, Michael;  Guerrero, Laura;  Posthuma, Richard;  2011.  Reasonable Human Resource Practices for Making Employee Downsizing Decisions.  Organizational Dynamics  40 (3), 174-180

Books and Book Chapters

Rowe, W;  Guerrero, Laura;  2015.  Cases in Leadership (Fourth Edition).  Sage Publications

Posthuma, Richard;  Guerrero, Laura;  2013.  Age stereotypes in the workplace: Multidimensionality, cross-cultural applications, and directions for future research.  Sage

Rowe, W;  Guerrero, Laura;  2013.  Cases in Leadership (Third Edition).  Sage Publications

Rowe, W;  Guerrero, Laura;  2010.  Cases in Leadership (Second Edition).  Sage Publications

Rowe, W;  Guerrero, Laura;  2010.  Cases in Leadership (Second Edition).  Sage Publications

Guerrero, Laura;  2007.  Culture and Leadership.  Sage Publications

Guerrero, Laura;  2007.  Women and Leadership.  Sage Publications

Conference Proceedings

Hernandez Gonzalez, Claudia;  Posthuma, Richard;  Guerrero, Laura;  2013.  Speaking Spanish at work. 

Rothstein, Mitchell;  Konrad, Alison;  Guerrero, Laura;  2007.  Extending Holland's RIASEC Vocational Theory to Include International Job Choice.  Academy of International Business Conference Proceedings