Dr.John Hadjimarcou

Frank and Wilma Hanley Professorship in Business Administration
Professor of Marketing and Department Chair
Fellow, The University of Texas System Academy of Distinguished Teachers

Recent Publications

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Leonidou, Leonidas C., Constantinos N. Leonidou, John Hadjimarcou, and Irina Lytovchenko (forthcoming), “Assessing the Greenness of Environmental Advertising Claims Made by Multinational Industrial Firms,” Industrial Marketing Management (ISI Impact Factor: 2.38)

Hadjimarcou, John, Lance E. Brouthers, Jason P. McNicol, and Donald Michie (2013), "Maquiladoras in the 21st Century: Six Strategies for Success," Business Horizons, 56 (2), p. 207-217. (ISI Impact Factor: 1.42)

White III, G. O., Hadjimarcou, J., Fainschmidt, S., and Posthuma, R. A. (2013), "MNE Home Country Cultural Norms and Conflict Strategy Fit in Transnational Business Contract Disputes," International Business Review, 22, 554-567. [2012 ISI impact factor: 2.33]

Jiménez, Fernando, John Hadjimarcou, Maria E. Barua, and Donald A. Michie, (2013), “A Cross-National and Cross-Generational Study of Consumer Acculturation to Advertising Appeals,” International Marketing Review, 30 (5), 418-439. 2012 ISI IF: 1.17 . 5YR IF: 1.538

Hadjimarcou, John (2012), "Primary Life Stages and Marketing in Periods of Transition," International Journal of Research in Marketing and Management, 5 (1), 55-65.

Brouthers, L. E., Nakos, G., Hadjimarcou, J. S., Brouthers, K. E. (2009) Key Factors for Successful Export Performance for Small Firms and Perceived Export Performance. Journal of International Marketing. (ISI Impact Factor: 3.21).

Books and Book Chapters

Brouthers, L. E., Story, J., Hadjimarcou, J. S. (2008). In Arie Y. Lewin, S. Tamer Cavusgil, G. Tomas M. Hult and David A. Griffith (Ed.), A Signaling Theory Investigation of How to Overcome Negative Country of Origin Effects in Thought Leadership in Advancin International Business Research. Palgrave McMillan.

Conference Proceedings

Yang, Shuang, Fernando R. Jiménez, John Hadjimarcou, and Gary Frankwick (2012), “How Do Market Characteristics Influence Brand Country of Origin Effects?” Academy of Marketing Science Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Barua, M., Jimenez, F., Hadjimarcou, J. and D. Michie (forthcoming August 2010), "Generational Analysis of Hispanics in the United States: The Acculturation to a Puffery-Laden World", American Marketing Association Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference Proceedings, Boston, Ma.

White III, G. O., Posthuma, R. A., Hadjimarcou, J. S. (2007). Culture and Conflict Strategy Fit Among Firms in Transnational Business Contract Disputes. Academy of Management Annual Meeting (Conflict Management Division).