Dr.Laura Hall

Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Mahmood, M;  Gemoets, Leo;  Lopez, Francisco;  Hall, Laura;  2009.  Measuring E-Commerce Technology Enabled Business Value: An Exploratory Research.  International Journal of E-Business Research  4 (2)

Books and Book Chapters

Mahmood, M;  Gemoets, Leo;  Hall, Laura;  Lopez, Francisco;  2009.  Building Business Value in E-Commerce Enabled Organizations: An Empirical Study.  IGI Global

Conference Proceedings

Parra, Fernando;  Hall, Laura;  2014.  A Nomological Network Analysis of Research on INfomraiton Security Management".  Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

Hall, Laura;  Parra, Fernando;  Cardenas, Jesus;  2012.  Virtual Web-Based Content as a Just-in-Time Teaching Tool;Empirical Study.  Decision Sciences Institute

Han, Thaung;  Parra, Fernando;  Hall, Laura;  2012.  Social Capital, Dynamic Capabilities and Strategic Flexibility in Transition Economies.  The 13th International Academy of Management and Business Conference

Gonzales, Michael;  Mahmood, M;  Gemoets, Leo;  Hall, Laura;  2009.  Risk and IT factors that Contribute to Competitive Advantage and Corporate Performance.  2009 AMCIS Conference

Mansouri-Rad, Parand;  Mahmood, M;  Hall, Laura;  2009.  Distance Healthcare Adoption: An Empirical Investigation.  Decision Sciences Institute Meeting Proceedings, 277

Hall, Laura;  2009.  Implementing a Community Based Project Based Curriculum.  Sun Conference

Hall, Laura;  2009.  Modular Curriculum Development.  Sun Conference

Gemoets, Leo;  Mahmood, M;  Hall, Laura;  Dandu, Jagadish;  2008.  A Preliminary Assessment of the Impact of E-Government Technologies in Governmental Agencies.  AMCIS 2008 Annual Conference Proceedings

Gemoets, Leo;  Mahmood, M;  Hall, Laura;  Parra, Fernando;  2008.  Critical Success Factors of E-Government Applications in the State of Texas.  AMCIS 2008

Mahmood, M;  Gemoets, Leo;  Solis, Adriano;  Hall, Laura;  2006.  A Preliminary Assessment of the Impact of E-Commerce Technologies in Supply Chain Management.  Decision Sciences Institute

Mahmood, M;  Solis, Adriano;  Gemoets, Leo;  Hall, Laura;  2006.  The Impact of E-Commerce Technologies in Supply Chain Management.  Proceedings of Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting

Mahmood, M;  Gemoets, Leo;  Solis, Adriano;  Hall, Laura;  2006.  An E-Enabled Supply Chain Management Success Model Including the Service Quality Dimension: An Empirical Investigation.  AMCIS

Hall, Laura;  2006.  An Organizational Model for Designing a Service Learning Based Curriculum.  University of Texas at El Paso