Dr.Esperanza Huerta

Assistant Professor of Accounting

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Working Papers

Mexican Accounting Standard Setting Process: The Accounting for Inflation Standards (In Data Collection)

Published Papers - Academic Journals

Translation of IFRS: Language as a Barrier to Comparability

Huerta, Esperanza, Stephen B. Salter, Phillip A. Lewis, and Pamela Yeow. "Motivating employees to share their failures in knowledge management systems Fall 2012, Vol. 26, No. 2, pp. 93-117.

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Huerta, E. (2006). Fotogenika: A Small Virtual Organization Serving the Mexican Market. International Journal of Cases on Electronic Commerce, 2(2), 64-80.

Books and Book Chapters

Accounting in Small and Medium Enterprises (in Spanish)

Information and Communication Technologies for Small and Medium Enterprises (in Spanish)

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Conference Proceedings

Huerta, E. (2008). Designing Performance Measures: A Cognitive Perspective, American Accounting Association (AAA), Anaheim, CA.

Huerta, E., Navarrete, C. (2008). Identity Meanings and Online Interactions of Hybrid Transnational Communities of Immigrants. Toronto, CA: Americas Conference on Information Systems.

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Bridge to Home: The Use of the Internet by Transnational Communities of Immigrants