Dr.Santiago Ibarreche

Professor of Management

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Ruiz, Michelle;  Ibarreche, Santiago;  Peterson, Lori;  Guerrero, Laura;  2016.  The impact of immigrant acculturation and job search information on entrepreneurship opportunity..  International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Ibarreche, Santiago;  2016.  Simon Dolan: Managing by Values - If you are not spiritual, how can you inspire?.  Management Research (The Official Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management)  14 (2), 188-207

Ibarreche, Santiago;  2015.  Africa Ariño: having an international perspective is essential in a multipolar world.  Management Research (the Official Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management)  13 (2), 233 - 242

Ibarreche, Santiago;  2014.  A Life in Research: "Julio O. De Castro: Open your Eyes! Research opportunities are all around you".  Management Research  12 (2), 203-214

Ibarreche, Santiago;  2013.  Frank Hoy: From Small Business to Family Enterprises and many entrepreneurial ventures in between.  Management Research, The Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management  11 (2), 213-226

Máynez-Guaderrama, Aurora;  Cavazos-Arroyo, Judith;  Nuño de la Parra, José;  Ibarreche, Santiago;  2012.  Confianza, Compromiso E Intencion para Compartir: ¿Variables Influyentes para Transferir Conocimiento Dentro de las Organizaciones? (Trust, Commitment and Intention to Share: Are influencing Variables to Transfering Knowledge within Organizations?).  Revista Internacional Administración y Finanzas  5 (5), 21-40

Ibarreche, Santiago;  2012.  A life in Research: Maria José Tonelli, Rigor and Relevance in Research.  Management Research: The Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management  10 (2), 143-148

Kidwell, Roland;  Hoy, Frank;  Ibarreche, Santiago;  2012.  ""Ethnic" family business or just family business? Human Resource Practices in the Ethnic Family Firm".  Journal of Family Business Strategy  3 (2012), 12-17

Ibarreche, Santiago;  2011.  A Life in Research: The passion for Creating, Sharing, and Using Management Knowledge of Luis Gómez Mejía.  Management Research: The Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management  9 (2), 154-168

Maynez, Aurora;  Cavazos, Judith;  Nuño, Pablo;  Ibarreche, Santiago;  2011.  Identificación de los Factores Comunes Estudiados por la Literatura, Relacionados con la Transferencia del Conocimiento Tácito dentro de las Organizaciones.  Revista Internacional de Administración & Finanzas  5 (1), 103-118

Mesquita, Luiz;  Ibarreche, Santiago;  2010.  A life in research: the genius and the simplicity of Robert E. Hoskisson.  Management Research the Official Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management  8 (2), 150-159

Fullerton, Thomas;  Molina, Angel;  Ibarreche, Santiago;  2007.  Borderplex Economic Growth: Chicken, Egg, or Scrambled?.  International Journal of Business & Economic Perspectives  2, 124-143

Books and Book Chapters

Ibarreche, Santiago;  2012.  Strategic Management using Ideas In Action.  Kendall-Hunt Publishing Company (1), 480

Conference Proceedings

Ibarreche, Santiago;  Diaz, Arturo;  2016.  Proceeding of the first International Conference on Facets of Doing Business in Emerging Markets.  Emerald

Han, Thaung;  Ibarreche, Santiago;  2013.  Corruption and Entrepreneurial Intention.  Iberoamerican Academy of Management/ Fundacao Getulio Vargas

Carole, Cangioni;  Ibarreche, Santiago;  2011.  Exploring the likelihood of launching new ventures using a Markovian Absorption Model.  Proceedings of the 7th International Conference of Iberoamerican Academy of Management  7 (1), 329

Miroslav, Pivoda;  Ibarreche, Santiago;  2007.  Tricks of Creative Entrepreneurial Problem Solving.  Proceedings of the International Council of Small Businesses 52nd World Conference

Cangioni, C;  Ibarreche, Santiago;  2006.  Migration and Entrepreneurship: a Framework of Analysis.  Iberoamerican Conference: Academy of Management

Ibarreche, Santiago;  2006.  Mercadotecnia, Emprendedores y Responsabilidad Social.  Proceedings (Memorias) of the First Marketing Conference at Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez

Ibarreche, Santiago;  2006.  Kaufmann foundation grant and its use at UTEP.  the Minority Serving Institutions Research Partnership Conference in Edinburg