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Professor of Management

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Santiago Ibarreche, (2014) "Julio O. De Castro: open your eyes! Research opportunities are all around you", Management Research: The Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management, Vol. 12 Iss: 2, pp.203 - 214

Santiago Ibarreche, (2013) "Frank Hoy: From small business to family enterprises and many entrepreneurial ventures in between", Management Research: The Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management, Vol. 11 Iss: 2, pp.213 - 226

Máynez Guaderrama; A. I.; J. Cavazos Arroyo; S. Ibarreche Suárez; and J. P. Nuño de la Parra (2012) “Confianza, Compromiso e Intención para Compartir: ¿Variables Influyentes para Transmitir Conocimiento dentro de las Organizaciones?” (Trust, Commitment and Intention to Share: Influencing Variables to Transfer knowledge within Organizations?) Revista Internacional de Administración y Finanzas, v. 5, No. 5

Santiago Ibarreche, (2012) "Maria José Tonelli: rigor and relevance in research", Management Research: The Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management, Vol. 10 Iss: 2, pp.143 - 148

Kidwell, R. E.; Hoy, F.; and Ibarreche, S. (2012) ""Ethnic"family business or just family business? Human Resource Practices in the Ethnic Family Firm" Journal of Family Business Strategy, 3 (2012) 12-17

Ibarreche, Santiago (2011), "A life in Research: The passion for creating, sharing, and using management knowledge of Luis R. Gomez-Mejía", Management Research: The official Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of management, 9-2, 154-163

Maynez, A., Cavazos, J, Ibarreche, S. Nuño de la Parra, J. P. (2012) "Identificación de los Factores Comunes Estudiados por la Literatura, Relacionados con la Transferencia del Conocimiento Tácito dentro de las Organizaciones", Vol. 5, NO. 1, pp. 103-118

S. Ibarreche and Mesquita, L., 2010, “A life in research: the genius and the simplicity of Robert E. Hoskisson” Management Research the Official Journal of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management, Vol. 8 No. 2, pp. 151-157

Fullerton, T. M., Molina, A. L., Ibarreche, S. (2007). Borderplex Economic Growth: Chicken, Egg, or Scrambled?. International Journal of Business & Economic Perspectives, 2, 124-143.

Books and Book Chapters

Stategic Management Using Ideas in Action

Conference Proceedings

Han, Thaung and Santiago Ibarreche (2013), "Corruption and Entrepreneurial Opportunity. Proceedings of the 8th Iberoamerican Academy of Management Conference - World in Transition: business, multiculturalism and society at the Escola de Aministracão de São Paulo -WESP - FGV

Ibarreche, S., and C. Cangioni. "Exploring the likelihood of launching new ventures using a Markovian Absorption Model", Proceeding of the 7th International Conference of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management, Vol. 1, CD 2011

Ibarreche, S. (Presenter & Author), Pivoda, M. (Presenter & Author), ICSB Annual Meeting, "Tricks of Creative Entrepreneurial Problem Solving," International Council of Small Businesses, Turku, Finland. (June 8, 2007).

Ibarreche, S., Cangioni, C. (2006). Migration and Entrepreneurship: a Framework of Analysis. Atlanta, GA: Iberoamerican Conference: Academy of Management.

Ibarreche, Santiago: “Mercadotecnia, Emprendedores y Responsabilidad Social” Proceedings (Memorias) of the First Marketing Conference at Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez. May 12, 2006, on CD.

Ibarreche, Santiago: “Kaufmann foundation grant and its use at UTEP” in the Minority Serving Institutions Research Partnership Conference in Edinburg, Texas at Pan American University. February 2006