Dr.Fernando R. Jiménez Arévalo

Western Hemispheric Trade Research Professorship
Assistant Professor of Marketing

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Jiménez, Fernando R. and Kevin E. Voss (2014), “An Alternative Approach to the Measurement of Emotional Attachment,” Psychology and Marketing, 31 (5), 360- 370. 2012 ISI Impact Factor: 1.309; five year impact factor: 2.124.

Jiménez, Fernando R., Kevin E. Voss, and Gary L. Frankwick (2013), “A Classification Schema of Co-production of Goods: An Open-Systems Perspective,” European Journal of Marketing, 42 (4), 267-273. 2012 ISI IF: 0.781 5YR IF: 1.575

Jiménez, Fernando R., Richard A. Posthuma, and Michael A. Campion (2013), “Effective Incentive Compensation for Sales Employees during Tough Economic Times,” Organizational Dynamics, 42 (4), 267-273. 2012 ISI Impact Factor: 0.752; five year Impact Factor: 0.925

Jiménez, Fernando R. and Norma A. Mendoza (2013), “Too Popular to Ignore: The Influence of Online Reviews on Purchase Intentions of Search and Experience Products,” Journal of Interactive Marketing, 27 (3), 226-235. 2012 ISI IF: 1.00 5YR IF: 2.602.

Jiménez, Fernando, John Hadjimarcou, Maria E. Barua, and Donald A. Michie, (2013), “A Cross-National and Cross-Generational Study of Consumer Acculturation to Advertising Appeals,” International Marketing Review, 30 (5), 418-439. 2012 ISI IF: 1.17 . 5YR IF: 1.538

Jan H. Schumann, Florian v. Wangenheim, Anne Stringfellow, Zhilin Yang, Sandra Praxmarer, Fernando R. Jiménez, Vera Blazevic, Randall M. Shannon, Shainesh G., and Marcin Komor (2010), "Drivers of Trust in Relational Service Exchange: Understanding the Importance of Cross-Cultural Differences," Journal of Service Research, November, 13: 453-468 This paper received JSR's recognition as "Best Paper" Award Finalist. 2012 ISI Impact Factor: 2.714; five year impact factor: 3.534

Schumann, Jan, Florian V. W., Stringfellow, A., Yang Z., Blazevic V., Praxmarer S., Shainesh G., Komor M., Shannon R. M., Jimenez, F.R. (2010), "Cross-Cultural Differences in the Effect of Word-of-Mouth Referral in Relational Service Exchange," Journal of International Marketing, 18 (3), 62-80. 2012 ISI Impact Factor: 2.050; 5 YR: 3.212.

Voss, Kevin E., Jiménez, F. R., (2010)" Social and Equity Inferences in Customers’ Service Program Evaluation," Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 18 (3), 219-231 Harzing Journal Quality Rating= Well Regarded Journal.

Books and Book Chapters

Pérez Almendáriz, B., Mayett, Y., Jimenez-Arevalo, F. R., Sobal, M., Morales, P., Bonilla, M., Ramírez, P., Tello, I., Trigos, A., Mendoza, G., Martínez Carrera, D. In D. Martínez Carrera, N. Curvetto, M. Sobal, P. Morales and V.M. Mora (Ed.), Chapter 26 Desarrollo de bebidas y alimentos funcionales a partir de los recursos genéticos de hongos comestibles en México (pp. 497-515). Red Lationoamericana de Hongos Comestibles y Medicinales.

Conference Proceedings

Tajdini, Saeed and Fernando R. Jiménez (2015), "Antecedents of Consumer World-Mindedness: A Hierarchical Approach", Society for Cross-Cultural Research, Albuquerque, NM, USA.

Xu, Zhenning and Fernando R. Jiménez 2014, “Emotional Capital- the Missing Link Between Social Media Usage and Customer Relationship Performance,” Academy of Marketing Science Conference, Indianapolis, USA

Gau, Roland, Fernando R. Jiménez, Edward Ramirez, and Art Diaz (Accepted), “Resilience in the Face of Violent Uncertainty in Juarez, Mexico,” Fifth Subsistence Marketplaces Conference, Champaign, Illinois.

Pangarkar, Aniruddha and Fernando R. Jiménez (Accepted), “The Role of Cultural Distance in Business Relations: A Transaction Cost Analysis Perspective,” Annual International SIG Conference by the American Marketing Association, Cancun, Mexico.

Jiménez, Fernando R., Bashar Gammoh, and Rand Wergin (2013), “Consumer Evaluations of Ads Portraying Human-like Avatars,” 2013 Academy of Marketing Science Conference, Monterey CA.

Jiménez, Fernando R., Flor Ornelas, and Monica Olivares (2013), “Hispanic Consumers’ Evaluations and Recall of Advertisements of Stigmatized Topics: A Frame-Switching Perspective on Biculturals Cognitive Evaluation,” 2013 Southwest Teaching & Learning Conference, San Antonio, TX. Flor and Monica are undergraduate marketing majors.

Ornelas, Flor and Fernando R. Jiménez (2012), “From Hate to Love: The Role of Introspection in Students’ Satisfaction Rates,” UTEP Sun Conference. Flor is an undergraduate marketing major.

Yang, Shuang, Fernando R. Jiménez, John Hadjimarcou, and Gary Frankwick (2012), “How Do Market Characteristics Influence Brand Country of Origin Effects?” Academy of Marketing Science Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Ornelas, Flor and Fernando R. Jiménez (2011), “Marketing Internships: The Role of Introspection in Students’ Satisfaction Rates,” Journal of Administrative Issues Conference, Weatherford, Oklahoma. Flor is an undergraduate marketing major.

Barua, M., Jimenez, F., Hadjimarcou, J. and D. Michie (forthcoming August 2010), "Generational Analysis of Hispanics in the United States: The Acculturation to a Puffery-Laden World", American Marketing Association Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference Proceedings, Boston, Ma.

ElSamen, Amjad A and Fernando R. Jiménez (2010), “Affect, Framing and Warranty Choice: The Mediational Role of Perceived Purchase Risk,” in Easwar Iyer and Robin Coulter (eds.), 2010 AMA Summer Educator’s Conference. Boston, Massachusetts.

Jiménez, Fernando R. and Kevin E. Voss (2010), “An Alternative Scale of Emotional Attachment,” in Joseph A. Cote and Christopher R. Plouffe (eds.), 2010 AMS Annual Conference. Portland, Oregon.

Jiménez, Fernando R., Fang Xiang, and Darrell Bartholomew (2010), “Examining the Effectiveness of Language Choice for Different Ad Appeals in Advertising to Bilingual Consumers,” in Michael K. Brady and Michael D. Hartline (eds.), 2010 AMA Winter Educator’s Conference, Volume 21. Chicago, IL: American Marketing Association. P. 361-362.

Coble, Garrett, Fernando R. Jiménez, and Marlys Mason (2009), “Voices of the Shadow: Immigration Policy and Vulnerability,” 2009 AMA Marketing and Public Policy Conference. Washington, DC.

Schumann, Jan H., Anne Stringfellow, Sandra Praxmarer, Vera Blazevic, Fernando Jiménez, Zhilin Yang, G. Shainesh, and Marcin Komor (2008), “Cross-Cultural Differences in the Effects of Word-of-Mouth in Relational Service Exchange: Empirical Evidence for the Moderating Role of Uncertainty Avoidance from an Eight Country Study,” 17th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference, Washington DC.

Coble, Garrett and Fernando R. Jiménez (2008), “Environmental Barriers to Consumer Acculturation,” 2008 Advances in Consumer Research, Latin Conference. Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Al Jafari, Abdullah, Fernando R. Jiménez, and Gary Frankwick (2008), “Supplier Orientation: Expanding the Conceptual Scope of Market Orientation,” in Steven P. Brown and Peter A. Dacin (eds.) 2008 AMS Conference, Vancouver, Canada.

Schumann, Jan, F. Wangenheim, Z. Yang, S. Praxmarer, F. Jiménez, M. Komor, and G. Shainesh (2007), “Cross-Cultural Differences in the Development of Trust in Relational Service Exchange - An Empirical Analysis of Trust Building in High versus Low Uncertainty Avoidance Cultures,” in 4th Workshop on Trust within and between Organizations Vol 10. Amsterdam, Netherlands. p. 24 – 26.

Jiménez, Fernando R. and Kevin E. Voss (2007), “Emotional Attachment to Objects: Proposed Antecedents,” in Jakki J. Mohr and Robert J. Fisher (eds.) 2007 AMA Educator's Proceedings, Volume 18. Chicago, IL: American Marketing Association. p.290-291.