Dr.Fernando R. Jiménez Arévalo

Associate Professor of Marketing

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Mohan, Mayoor;  Voss, Kevin;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2017.  Managerial Disposition and Front-End Innovation Success.  Journal of Business Research  70 (1), 193-201

Ramirez, Edward;  Gau, Roland;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2015.  Concrete and Abstract Goals Associated with the Consumption of Environmentally Sustainable Products.  European Journal of Marketing  49 (9/10), 1645-65

Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  Voss, Kevin;  2014.  An Alternative Approach to the Measurement of Emotional Attachment.  Psychology & Marketing  31 (5), 360-370

Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  Voss, Kevin;  Frankwick, Gary;  2013.  A Classification Schema of Co-production of Goods: An Open-Systems Perspective.  European Journal of Marketing 2011 ISI IF: 0.956 5YR IF: 1.969  47 (11/12), 1841-1858

Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  Posthuma, Richard;  Campion, Michael;  2013.  Effective Incentive Compensation for Sales Employees during Tough Economic Times.  Organizational Dynamics, 2011 ISI IF: 0.791, 5YR IF:1.112  42 (4), 267-273

Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  Mendoza, Norma;  2013.  Too Popular to Ignore: The Influence of Online Reviews on Purchase Intentions of Search and Experience Products.  Journal of Interactive Marketing, 2011 ISI IF: 1.679 5YR IF: 2.231.  27 (3), 226-235

Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  Hadjimarcou, John;  Barua, Maria;  Michie, Donald;  2013.  A Cross-National and Cross-Generational Study of Consumer Acculturation to Advertising Appeals.  International Marketing Review  30 (5)

Schumann, Jan;  Wangenheim, F;  Stringfellow, A;  Yang, Z;  Praxmarer, S;  Blazevic, V;  Shannon, R;  G., Shainesh;  Komor, M;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2010.  Drivers of Trust in Relational Service Exchange: Understanding the Importance of Cross-Cultural Differences.  Journal of Service Research  13 (4), 453-468

Schumann, Jan;  Wangenheim, F;  Yang, V;  Blazevic, S;  Prazmarer, S;  Shainesh, G;  Komor, M;  Shannon, R;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2010.  Cross-Cultural Differences in the Effect of Word-of-Mouth Referral in Relational Service Exchange.  Journal of International Marketing  18 (3), 62-80

Voss, Kevin;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2010.  Social and Equity Inferences in Customers’ Service Program Evaluation.  Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice  18 (3), 219-231

Books and Book Chapters

Pérez Almendáriz, B;  Mayett, Y;  Sobal, M;  Morales, P;  Bonilla, M;  Ramírez, P;  Tello, I;  Trigos, A;  Mendoza, G;  Martínez Carrera, D;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2010.  Chapter 26 Desarrollo de bebidas y alimentos funcionales a partir de los recursos genéticos de hongos comestibles en México.  Red Lationoamericana de Hongos Comestibles y Medicinales, 497-515

Conference Proceedings

Al Jafari, Abdullah;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  Frankwick, Gary;  2016.  The Impact of Supplier Orientation on Firm Inovativeness.  Academy of Marketing Science World Congress

Tajdini, Saeed;  Jimenez, Fernando;  2015.  Antecedents of Consumer World-Mindedness: A Hierarchical Approach.  Society for Cross-Cultural Research

Xu, Zhening;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2014.  Emotional Capital- the Missing Link Between Social Media Usage and Customer Relationship Performance.  Academy of Marketing Science

Gau, Roland;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  Ramirez, Edward;  Diaz, Arturo;  2014.  Resilience in the Face of Violent Uncertainty in Juarez, Mexico.  Fifth Subsistence Marketplaces Conference

Pangarkar, Aniruddha;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2014.  The Role of Cultural Distance in Business Relations: A Transaction Cost Analysis Perspective.  American Marketing Association

Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  Gammoh, Bashar;  Wergin, Rand;  2013.  Consumer Evaluations of Ads Portraying Human-like Avatars.  Academy of Marketing Science Conference

Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2013.  Hispanic Consumers’ Evaluations and Recall of Advertisements of Stigmatized Topics: A Frame-Switching Perspective on Biculturals Cognitive Evaluation. 

Ornelas, Flor;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2012.  From Hate to Love: The Role of Introspection in Students’ Satisfaction Rates.  UTEP Sun Conference

Yang, Shuang;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  Hadjimarcou, John;  Frankwick, Gary;  2012.  How Do Market Characteristics Influence Brand Country of Origin Effects?.  Academy of Marketing Science

Ornelas, Flor;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2011.  Marketing Internships: The Role of Introspection in Students’ Satisfaction Rates.  Journal of Administrative Issues Conference

Barua, Maria;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  Hadjimarcou, John;  Michie, Donald;  2010.  Generational Analysis of Hispanics in the United States: The Acculturation to a Puffery-Laden World.  2010 AMA Summer Marketing Educators' Conference

ElSamen, Amjad;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2010.  Affect, Framing and Warranty Choice: The Mediational Role of Perceived Purchase Risk.  American Marketing Association

Voss, Kevin;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2010.  An Alternative Scale of Emotional Attachment.  Academy of Marketing Science

Fang, Xiang;  Darrell, Bartholomew;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2010.  Examining the Effectiveness of Language Choice for Different Ad Appeals in Advertising to Bilingual Consumers.  American Marketing Association Winter Conference

Coble, Garrett;  Mason, Marlys;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2009.  Voices of the Shadow: Immigration Policy and Vulnerability.  Marketing and Public Policy Conference

Schumann, Jan;  Stringfellow, S;  Praxmarer, S;  Blazevic, V;  Yang, Z;  Shainesh, G;  Komor, M;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2008.  Cross-Cultural Differences in the Effects of Word-of-Mouth in Relational Service Exchange: Empirical Evidence for the Moderating Role of Uncertainty Avoidance from an Eight Country Study.  17th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference

Coble, Garrett;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2008.  Environmental Barriers to Consumer Acculturation.  Advances in Consumer Research ACR Latin Conference

Al Jafari, Abdullah;  Frankwick, Gary;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2008.  Supplier Orientation: Expanding the Conceptual Scope of Market Orientation.  Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference

Schumann, Jan;  Wangenheim, F;  Praxmarer, S;  Yang, Z;  Komor, M;  Shainesh, G;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2007.  Cross-Cultural Differences in the Development of Trust in Relational Service Exchange - An Empirical Analysis of Trust Building in High versus Low Uncertainty Avoidance Cultures.  4th Workshop on Trust within and between Organizations, 24-26

Voss, Kevin;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2007.  Emotional Attachment to Objects: Proposed Antecedents.  American Marketing Association Summer Conference  18, 290-291