Dr.Yu Liu

Assistant Professor of Economics

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Fullerton, Thomas;  Jimenez, Alan;  Liu, Yu;  Walke, Adam;  2015.  Gasoline Price Predictability in a Border Metropolitan Economy.  Applied Economic Letetrs  22 (6), 499-502

Liu, Yu;  Fullerton, Thomas;  2015.  Evidence from Mexico on Social Status and Violence against Women.  Applied Economics  47 (40), 4260-4274

Liu, Yu;  Miletkov, Mihail;  Wei, Zuobao;  Yang, Tina;  2015.  Board Independence and Firm Performance.  Journal of Corporate Finance  30, 223-244

Enders, Walter;  Liu, Yu;  2014.  Revisit Inflation: New Evidence from Modified Unit Root Tests.  International Journal of Applied Economics  11 (2), 1-9

Liu, Yu;  Wei, Zuobao;  Xie, Feixue;  2014.  Do Women Directors Improve Firm Performance in China?.  Journal of Corporate Finance  28, 169-184

Xu, Zhening;  Ramirez, Edward;  Xu, Juanjuan;  Liu, Yu;  2014.  The effects of Neoliberalism on China‚Äôs environment over time: A Macroeconomic perspectative.  Journal of Macromarketing

Liu, Yu;  Fullerton, Thomas;  Ashby, Nathan;  2013.  Assessing the Impacts of Labor Market and Deterrence Variables on Crime Rates in Mexico.  Contemporary Economic Policy  31 (4), 669-690

Enders, Walter;  Liu, Yu;  Prodan, Ruxandra;  2009.  Forecasting Transational Terrorism and Other Series with an Unknown Number of Structural Breaks.  Defense & Peace Economics  20 (6), 441-463