Dr.Donald Michie

Professor of Marketing

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Hadjimarcou, John, Lance E. Brouthers, Jason P. McNicol, and Donald Michie (2013), "Maquiladoras in the 21st Century: Six Strategies for Success," Business Horizons, 56 (2), p. 207-217. (ISI Impact Factor: 1.42)

Jiménez, Fernando, John Hadjimarcou, Maria E. Barua, and Donald A. Michie, (2013), “A Cross-National and Cross-Generational Study of Consumer Acculturation to Advertising Appeals,” International Marketing Review, 30 (5), 418-439. 2012 ISI IF: 1.17 . 5YR IF: 1.538

Conference Proceedings

The role of Opportunism within the Context of Resource Advantage Theory: A conceptual Framework

Barua, M., Jimenez, F., Hadjimarcou, J. and D. Michie (forthcoming August 2010), "Generational Analysis of Hispanics in the United States: The Acculturation to a Puffery-Laden World", American Marketing Association Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference Proceedings, Boston, Ma.