Dr.Robert Nachtmann

Dean, College of Business Administration
Betty M. MacGuire Professor of Business Administration

Recent Publications

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Working Papers

'Capital Structure, Dividend Policy and Corporate Governance in the U.S. Communications Industry, 1984-1992', Sponsored by American Enterprise Institute

Nachtmann, R., 5th Annual PACAP Finance Conference, "Costs of Reorganizing Under Chapter 11 of the 1978 Bankruptcy Code: Some Evidence from the 1980's," PACAP, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. (June 1993).

Nachtmann, R., American Finance Association's Annual Conference, "Empirical Evidence on Alternative Theories of Stock Return Variances, Kenneth French - Discussant," American Finance Association, New York City, NY. (December 1988).

'Evidence on the Global Market for Corporate Control'

'Quasi-Reorganizations: An Analysis of the Impact of Equity Restructuring on Firm Performance'

'The Performance of Value Line's Rank One Portfolio: Evidence on Economies of Scope'

'The SEC and Shareholder Protection in Bankruptcy'

'The Sensitivity of Common Stock Returns to Exchange Rate Movements'