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Ellis and Susan Mayfield Chair in Business Administration
Professor of Management

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The Impact of Employee Embeddedness on Nurse Turnover. (First stage of data collection complete, more data to be collected

Published Papers - Academic Journals

Posthuma, Richard;  Flores, Gabriela;  Dowrkin, James;  2016.  Social Context and Employment Lawsuit Dispute Resolution.  International Journal of Conflict Management  27 (4), 547-569

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Books and Book Chapters

Posthuma, Richard;  Kim, Si-Hyun;  Volkema, Roger;  2014.  Ethics in International Business Negotiations. 

Posthuma, Richard;  Guerrero, Laura;  2013.  Age stereotypes in the workplace: Multidimensionality, cross-cultural applications, and directions for future research.  Sage

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Posthuma, Richard;  2013.  Conflict Handling Styles.  Sage

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Roehling, M;  Hickox, S;  Posthuma, Richard;  2009.  Foundations for Understanding the Legal Environment of HRM in a Global Context in Strategic Human Resource Management.  Strategic Human Resource Management

Roehling, M;  Posthuma, Richard;  2006.  The Civil Rights Act of 1991 in Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 

Conference Proceedings

Flores, Gabriela;  Gill, Adrian;  Posthuma, Richard;  2014.  The effect of culture on top management team composition and effectiveness.  International HR Division of the Academy of Management

Hernandez Gonzalez, Claudia;  Posthuma, Richard;  Guerrero, Laura;  2013.  Speaking Spanish at work. 

White III, George;  Posthuma, Richard;  Hadjimarcou, John;  2007.  Culture and Conflict Strategy Fit Among Firms in Transnational Business Contract Disputes.  Academy of Management Annual Meeting (Conflict Management Division)

Tomaka, J;  Reynolds, Posthuma, Richard;  Joplin, Janice;  Berthelot, Anne;  2006.  The Importance of Expectancy in Internet Job Search: Extending the Theory of Planned Behavior.  Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Kaminski, M;  Posthuma, Richard;  Berthelot, Anne;  2006.  The Influence of Culture on Union Membership: A Multinational Comparison.  Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Cangioni, C;  White III, George;  Posthuma, Richard;  2006.  The Influence of National Institutions on IB Intellectual Property Conflict Resolution Strategies.  Academy of Management Annual Meeting