Dr.Richard Posthuma

Ellis and Susan Mayfield Chair in Business Administration
Professor of Management

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Working Papers

The Impact of Employee Embeddedness on Nurse Turnover. (First stage of data collection complete, more data to be collected

Published Papers - Academic Journals

Comparing Employment Interviews in Latin American with Other Countries

Guerrero, L. & Posthuma, R. A. (2014). Perceptions and Behaviors of Hispanic Workers: A Review. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 29 (6), 616-643.

Groups Teams and Conflict Management

White III, G. O., Hadjimarcou, J., Fainschmidt, S., and Posthuma, R. A. (2013), "MNE Home Country Cultural Norms and Conflict Strategy Fit in Transnational Business Contract Disputes," International Business Review, 22, 554-567. [2012 ISI impact factor: 2.33]

Jiménez, Fernando R., Richard A. Posthuma, and Michael A. Campion (2013), “Effective Incentive Compensation for Sales Employees during Tough Economic Times,” Organizational Dynamics, 42 (4), 267-273. 2012 ISI Impact Factor: 0.752; five year Impact Factor: 0.925


Will your workers sue you? State-by-State risks and Strategic Responses

Leading Teams of Higher Education Administrators. Integrating Goal Setting, Team Role, and Team Life Cycle Theories

Wei, Zuobao, Feixue Xie, and Richard A. Posthuma, “Does It Pay to Pollute? Shareholder Wealth Consequences of Corporate Environmental Lawsuits," International Review of Law and Economics 31, 2011, 212-218.

Employment discrimination law exposures for international employres: A risk asessment model.

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Books and Book Chapters

Posthuma, R. A., Volkema, R. & Si-Hyun, K. (2014). Ethics in International Business Negotiations. In Ayoko, O. B., Ashkanasy, N. M., & Jehn, K. A. Eds. Handbook of Conflict Management. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK. pp. 382-402.

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Collective Bargaining in Professional Sports

Conflict Handling Styles

Age Stereotypes and Workplace Age Discrimination

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Conference Proceedings

White III, G. O., Posthuma, R. A., Hadjimarcou, J. S. (2007). Culture and Conflict Strategy Fit Among Firms in Transnational Business Contract Disputes. Academy of Management Annual Meeting (Conflict Management Division).

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