Dr.Edward Ramirez

Associate Professor of Marketing

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Ramirez, Edward;  Gau, Roland;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2015.  Concrete and Abstract Goals Associated with the Consumption of Environmentally Sustainable Products.  European Journal of Marketing  49 (9/10), 1645-65

Xu, Zhening;  Ramirez, Edward;  Xu, Juanjuan;  Liu, Yu;  2014.  The effects of Neoliberalism on China’s environment over time: A Macroeconomic perspectative.  Journal of Macromarketing

Cowart, Kelly;  Ramirez, Edward;  Brady, Michael;  2014.  “Religious Affiliation: Buffering Negative Reactions to Service Failures.  Journal of Services Marketing

Gau, Roland;  Ramirez, Edward;  Barua, Maria;  Gonzalez, Ricardo;  2014.  Community-Based Initiatives and Poverty Alleviation in Subsistence Marketplaces.  Journal of Macromarketing, 11

Ramirez, Edward;  Gonzalez, Ricardo;  Moreira, Gerardo;  2014.  Barriers to the Adoption of Environmentally-Sustainable Offerings.  Industrial Marketing Management

Ramirez, Edward;  2013.  The Consumer Adoption of Sustainability-Oriented Offerings: Towards a Middle-Range Theory.  Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice  21 (4), 415-428

Ramirez, Edward;  David, Meredith;  Brusco, Michael;  2013.  Marketing’s SEM based Nomological Network: Constructs and Research Streams in 1987-1997 and in 1998-2008.  Journal of Business Research  66 (9)

Ramirez, Edward;  2013.  Consumer-Defined Sustainably-Oriented Firm.  Journal of Business Research  66 (11), 2202-2209

Ramirez, Edward;  Sarkar, Sayan;  2013.  Environmentally-sustainable marketing strategies and research opportunities for international marketing.  Journal of International Marketing Strategy  1 (1), 39-51

Giunipero, Larry;  Swiley, Esther;  Ramirez, Edward;  2012.  The antecedents and consequences of E-Purchasing Tools usage.  Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice  20 (3), 279-292

Smith, Jeffrey;  Nagy, Paul;  Karwan, Kirk;  Ramirez, Edward;  2012.  The Contingent Nature of Service Recovery System Structure.  International Journal of Operations and Production Management  32 (7), 877-903

Cronin, Joseph;  Smith, Jeffrey;  Gleim, Mark;  Martinez, Jennifer;  Ramirez, Edward;  2011.  Green marketing strategies: an examination of stakeholders and the opportunities they present.  Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science  39 (1), 158-174

Smith, Jeffrey;  Fox, Gavin;  Ramirez, Edward;  2010.  A Socio-Technical Systems Model of Service Recovery Performance.  Journal of Service Research  13 (4), 439-452

Goldsmith, Ronald;  Ramirez, Edward;  2009.  Some Antecedents of Brand Loyalty.  Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice  17, 199-214

Books and Book Chapters

Gau, Roland;  Ramirez, Edward;  Gonzalez, Ricardo;  Perez, Ray;  2013.  Perspectives on Poverty Alleviation: Community-Based Enterprise, Development of Innovation Capability, and the Vertical Integration Mindset.  Nova Science Publishers

Conference Proceedings

Xu, Zhening;  Frankwick, Gary;  Ramirez, Edward;  2015.  Big Data Analytics and Traditional Marketing Analytics on New Product Success.  GIKA

Gau, Roland;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  Ramirez, Edward;  Diaz, Arturo;  2014.  Resilience in the Face of Violent Uncertainty in Juarez, Mexico.  Fifth Subsistence Marketplaces Conference

Robinson, Stacey;  Lawson, Stephanie;  Ramirez, Edward;  2008.  The Effects of Authoritarianism on Satisfaction, Behavioral Intentions to Repurchase, and Third Party Complaining in Light of a Service Failure.  SMA Conference Proceedings

Fox, Gavin;  Ramirez, Edward;  2007.  For Better or Worse: Extending the Impacts of Referent Attractiveness on Self-Esteem and Purchase Intentions.  AMS Conference Proceedings