Dr.Miguel Ramos

Associate Professor of Management

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Lamin, Anna;  Ramos-Gonzalez, Miguel;  2016.  R&D investment dynamics in agglomerations under weak appropriability regimes: Evidence from Indian R&D labs.  Strategic Management Journal

Ashby, Nathan;  Ramos-Gonzalez, Miguel;  2013.  Foreign direct investment and industry response to organized crime: The Mexican case.  European Journal of Political Economy

Ramos-Gonzalez, Miguel;  Ashby, Nathan;  2013.  Heterogeneous Firm Response to Organized Crime: Evidence from FDI in Mexico.  Journal of International Management

Shaver, J;  Ramos-Gonzalez, Miguel;  2013.  When individual locations affect the choice of multi-location acquisition targets.  Strategic Organization

Shaver, J;  Ramos-Gonzalez, Miguel;  2009.  Value Creation and Value Appropriation through Geographic Strategy inAdvances in Strategic Management: Economics Institutions of Strategy.  Advances in Strategic Management  26