Dr.Timothy P. Roth

Dr. Arleigh B. Templeton Professor of Financial Management and Banking
Department Chair
Professor of Economics

Recent Publications

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Contreras, Sergio;  Smith, William;  Fullerton, Thomas;  Roth, Timothy;  2009.  Regional Evidence Regarding U.S. Regional Residential Electricity Consumption.  The Empirical Economics Letters  8 (9), 821-832

Books and Book Chapters

Roth, Timothy;  2014.  Economists and the State: What went wrong.  Edward Elgar Publishing Limited

Roth, Timothy;  2012.  Impartiality, Political Participation, and Federal Budget Process Reform, Mercatus Research, The Mercatus Center, George Mason University, December, 2012 (with Adam C. Smith). 

Roth, Timothy;  2010.  Politicians, Economists and the Supreme Court at Work: The Founders Betrayed.  Edward Elgar Publishing Limited

Roth, Timothy;  2007.  Morality, Political Economy and American Constitutionalism.  Edward Elgar Publishing Limited