Dr.Wm. Doyle Smith

Associate Professor Emeritus

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Fullerton, Thomas;  Martinez, Miguel;  Smith, William;  Walke, Adam;  2015.  Inflationary Dynamics in Guatemala.  Journal of Economics & Political Economy  2 (4), 436-444

Fullerton, Thomas;  Galan, Felipe;  Smith, William;  Walke, Adam;  2014.  An Empirical Analysis of Migratory Flows to the United States.  Applied Economics & Finance  1 (2), 11-20

Fullerton, Thomas;  White, Katharine;  Smith, William;  Walke, Adam;  2013.  An Empirical Analysis of Halifax Municipal Water Consumption.  Canadian Water Resources Journal  38 (2), 148-158

Contreras, Sergio;  Smith, William;  Fullerton, Thomas;  2011.  U.S. Commercial Electricity Consumption.  Moutnain Plains Journal of Business & Economics  12, 27-41

Arnold Cote, K.;  Smith, William;  Fullerton, Thomas;  2011.  Municipal Non-Residential Real Property Valuations Forecast Accuracy.  International Journal of Business & Economics Perspectives  6 (1), 56-77

Contreras, Sergio;  Smith, William;  Fullerton, Thomas;  Roth, Timothy;  2009.  Regional Evidence Regarding U.S. Regional Residential Electricity Consumption.  The Empirical Economics Letters  8 (9), 821-832

Canas, J;  Fullerton, Thomas;  Smith, William;  2007.  Maquiladora Employment Dynamics in Nuevo Laredo.  Growth and Change  38 (1), 23-38. ISI Journal Quality Rating= 1.096

Conference Proceedings

Arnold Cote;  Smith, William;  Fullerton, Thomas;  2010.  “Regional Non-Residential Real Property Valuation Forecast Accuracy,”.  , Conference Proceedings of the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines,  Volume 7 (Number 3), pp. 1154-1175.

Contreras, Sergio;  Smith, William;  Fullerton, Thomas;  2009.  U.S. Commercial Electricity Consumption.  Mountain Plains Management Conference Proceedings

Smith, William;  2009.  Angelo’s Teacher’s Dozen, The Inverted Classroom, and Mind Maps: Moving Beyond Chalk and Talk.  American Institute of Higher Education Proceedings  2 (1), 440-445

Le, T;  Pallares, E;  Smith, William;  Salama, Mohamed;  2006.  Do Agency Costs Matter in the Relationship Between State Ownership and Firm Value?.  Academy of Management National Meeting