Dr.Oscar Varela

Charles R. and Dorothy S. Carter Chair in Business Administration
Professor of Finance

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Working Papers

Futures and Realized Cash or Settle Prices for Gold, Silver, and Copper

Published Papers - Academic Journals

Varela, Oscar;  2015.  The Stock as a Portfolio of Durations: Solving Black's Dividend Puzzle Using Black's Criteria.  Journal of Portfolio Management, Institutional Investors, Inc. Journal Group  41 (4), 122-132

Abdou, Khaled;  Varela, Oscar;  2014.  When U.S. Venture Capital Ventures Abroad.  Accounting and Finance  54 (1), 1-23

Abdou, Khaled;  Varela, Oscar;  2012.  A Note: Should Investors Prefer Compound Interest? Not Always.  Journal of Financial and Economic Practice  12 (3 (Fall 2012)), 28-35

Varela, Oscar;  2012.  Arbitrage in General Equilibrium.  Modern Economy  3 (4), 396-401

Ngo, Anh;  Varela, Oscar;  2012.  Earnings Smoothness and the Underpricing of Seasoned Equity Offerings.  Managerial Finance  38 (9), 833-859

Haque, Mahfuzul;  Varela, Oscar;  2010.  Safety-first Portfolio Optimization after September 11, 2001.  Journal of Risk Finance / Emerald Group Publishing Limited  11 (1 (2010)), 20-61. Harzing Journal Quality Rating= Well Regarded Journal

Mazumder, Imtiaz;  Miller, Edward;  Varela, Oscar;  2010.  Market Timing the Trading of International Mutual Funds: Weekend, Weekday and Serial Correlation Strategies.  Journal of Business Finance and Accounting  Vol. 37 (Issue 7-8 (Sept-Oct 2010)), pp. 979-1007

Haque, Mahfuzul;  Varela, Oscar;  2010.  U.S.- Thailand Bilateral Safety-first Portfolio Optimization around the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.  Journal of Emerging Market Finance - SAGE Publications  Vol. 9 (No. 2 (August 2010)), pp. 171-197

Abdou, Khaled;  Varela, Oscar;  2009.  Is there a Puzzle in the Failure of Venture Backed Portfolio Companies?.  Applied Financial Economics / Routledge  19, 1439-1452

Haque, Mahfuzul;  Hassan, M. Kabir;  Varela, Oscar;  2007.  Safety-first and Extreme Value Bilateral U.S.- Mexican Portfolio Optimization around the Peso Crisis and NAFTA in 1994.  Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance  47 (3), 449-469

Books and Book Chapters

Varela, Oscar;  2016.  Financial Analysis, Corporate Valuation and Capital Formation.  DecaBooks

Varela, Oscar;  2009.  International Finance in the World.  Freeload Press, Inc. (publisher), Textbook Media (distributor, www.textbookmedia.com), 632

Conference Proceedings

Varela, Oscar;  Ngo, Anh;  2010.  Timing the Chinese Market.  2010 Shanghai International Financial Center Construction Forum: International Seminar on China‚Äôs Financial Markets  July 25, 2010