Dr.Prajya Vidyarthi

Associate Professor of Management
Frank and Wilma Hanley Professorship in Business Administration

Recent Publications

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Vidyarthi, Prajya;  Erdogan, Berrin;  Smriti;  Liden, Robert;  Chaudhry, Anjali;  2014.  One member, two leaders: Extending leader-member exchange theory to a dual leadership context.  Journal of Applied Psychology

Anand, Smriti;  Liden, Robert;  Rousseau, Dennis;  Vidyarthi, Prajya;  2010.  Good citizens in poor quality relationships: Idiosyncratic deals as a substitute for relationship quality.  Academy of Management Journal

Anand, Smriti;  Vidyarthi, Prajya;  2009.  Offer-acceptance index: A proposed recruitment instrument to predict job applicants’ behavior.  Advances in Management

Books and Book Chapters

Vidyarthi, Prajya;  Anand, Smriti;  2015.  I-deals in the group context..  Routledge, UK: Psychology Press.

Anand, Smriti;  Vidyarthi, Prajya;  2015.  LMX differentiation: Understanding relational leadership at the group level.  Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Anand, Smriti;  Hu, Jia;  Liden, Robert;  Vidyarthi, Prajya;  2011.  Leader-member exchange: Recent research findings and prospects for the future..  The Sage Handbook of Leadership, 311-325

Conference Proceedings

Hu, J;  Vidyarthi, Prajya;  Anand, Smriti;  Liden, Robert;  2012.  Examining a social exchange model of developmental idiosyncratic deals and employee organizational citizenship behavior..  Southern Management Association

Parra, Fernando;  Han, Thaung;  Peters, Abby;  Vidyarthi, Prajya;  2012.  A Thematic Trend Analysis of Relationships among Organizational Behavior Constructs.  Acadamy of Management