Dr.Fernanda Wagstaff

Robert E. and Jacqueline Skov Professorship in Business Ethics
Ph.D. Program Director
Associate Professor of Management

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Wagstaff, Maria;  Triana, M.;  Kim, Si-Hyun;  Al-Riyami, Said;  2015.  Responses to Discrimination: Relationships Between Social Support Seeking, Core Self-Evaluations, and Withdrawal Behaviors.  Human Resource Management  54, 673-687

Wagstaff, Maria;  Colella, A.;  Triana, M.;  Smith, A.;  Baskerville, M.;  2015.  Subordinate's perceptions of supervisor paternalism: A scale development.  Journal of Managerial Psychology  30, 659-674

Levashina, Julia;  Lievens, Filip;  Schollaert, Evelilne;  Tsai, Wei-Chi;  Campion, Michael;  Posthuma, Richard;  Wagstaff, Maria;  2014.  Comparing Employment Interviews in Latin American with Other Countries.  Journal of Business Research  67 (2014), 943-951

Wagstaff, Maria;  Triana, M.;  Peters, Abby;  Salazar, Dalila;  2013.  Reactions to allegations of discrimination.  Journal of Managerial Psychology  28, 79-91

Roheling, Mark;  Roheling, Patricia;  Wagstaff, Maria;  2013.  Sex differences in perceived weight-based employment discrimination: When weight discrimination is illegal.  Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal  25, 159-176

Triana, M.;  Kirkman, B.;  Wagstaff, Maria;  2012.  Should virtual teams always meet face-to-face first? An investigation of hte effects of order of face-to-face versus virtual communication on minority inclusion, participation, and performance.  Journal of Business and Psychology  27, 57-70

Triana, Maria;  Wagstaff, Maria;  Kim, Harry;  2012.  That's not fair! How personal value for diversity influences reactions to the perceived discriminatory treatment of minorities.  Journal of Business Ethics  111, 211-218

Triana, Mary;  Kim, Harry;  Wagstaff, Maria;  2011.  To help or not to help? Personal value for diversity moderates the relationship between discrimination against minorities and citizenship behavior toward minorities.  Journal of Business Ethics  102, 333-342

Wagstaff, Maria;  Posthuma, Richard;  Quinones, M;  2010.  How Benefit and Demographic Information Influence Employee Recruiting in Mexico.  Journal of Business and Psychology  25, 523-531

Triana, Maria;  Wagstaff, Maria;  Colella, Adrienne;  2010.  Managing diversity: How organizational efforts to support diversity moderate the effects of perceived racial discrimination on affective commitment.  Personnel Psychology  63, 817-843

Wagstaff, Maria;  Posthuma, Richard;  Roehling, M;  2009.  Comparing Preferences for Employing Males and Nationals Across Countries: Extending Relational Models and Social Dominance Theory.  The International Journal of Human Resource Management  20, 2471-2493

Wagstaff, Maria;  Posthuma, Richard;  Mumford, T;  Quiñones, M;  2009.  Dimensionality of Pay Satisfaction in Mexico: Extending the Generalizability of the Fifth Dimension.  Applied Psychology: An International Review  58, 509-519

Wagstaff, Maria;  Triana, M;  Peters, Abby;  Sánchez, M;  2009.  Self-Enhancement in a Job-Search Context.  International Journal of Selection and Assessment  17, 290-299

Triana, M;  Wagstaff, Maria;  2009.  Valuing Diversity is Important: How Organizational Efforts to Support Diversity Enhance Procedural Justice Judgments for Employees Who Experience Racial Discrimination at Work.  Journal of Organizational Behavior  30, 941-962

Wagstaff, Maria;  Posthuma, Richard;  Colella, Adrienne;  2008.  Fit perceptions in the employment interview: The role of similarity, liking, and expectations.  Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology  81, 173-189

Paetzold, R;  Wagstaff, Maria;  Colella, A;  2008.  Manipulating Disability, Accommodation, and Outcomes: Peer Perceptions of Accommodation Unfairness.  Journal of Occupational Psychology, Employment, and Disability  10, 13-25

Paetzold, R;  Wagstaff, Maria;  Colella, A;  Ren, L;  Triana, M;  Ziebro, M;  2008.  Perceptions of People with Disabilities: When is Accommodation Fair?.  Basic and Applied Social Psychology  30, 27-35

Books and Book Chapters

Posthuma, Richard;  Wagstaff, Maria;  2012.  Age Stereotypes and Workplace Age Discrimination. 

Triana, Maria;  Wagstaff, Maria;  2011.  Organizational efforts to support diversity.  Praeger  2, 97-101