Dr.Fernanda Wagstaff

Robert E. and Jacqueline Skov Professorship in Business Ethics
Ph.D. Program Director
Associate Professor of Management

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Comparing Employment Interviews in Latin American with Other Countries

Roheling, M., Roheling, P., & Wagstaff, M. F. (2013) Sex differences in perceived weight-based employment discrimination when weight discrimination is illegal. Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, 25: 159-176.

Triana, M.C., Kirkman, B., Wagstaff, M.F. (2012) Should virtual teams always meet face-to-face first? An investigation of the effects of order of face-to-face versus virtual communication on minority inclusion, participation, and performance. Journal of Business and Psychology, 27: 57-70.

Triana, M.C., Wagstaff, M.F., & Kim, H. (2012) That’s not fair! How personal value for diversity influences reactions to the perceived discriminatory treatment of minorities. Journal of Business Ethics, 111: 211-218.

Triana, M.C., Kim, H., & García, M.F. (2011). To help or not to help? Personal value for diversity moderates the relationship between discrimination against minorities and citizenship behavior toward minorities. Journal of Business Ethics, 102: 333-342.

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Books and Book Chapters

Age Stereotypes and Workplace Age Discrimination

Triana, M. C., García, M. F. (2011). Organizational efforts to support diversity. In Paludi, M. (Ed.), Praeger handbook on understanding and preventing workplace discrimination, Vol. 2: Best practices for preventing and dealing with workplace discrimination, pp. 97-101. Westport, CT: Praeger.