Feixue (Faith) Xie

Associate Professor of Finance

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Working Papers

Explaining the Value Premium around the World: Risk or Mispricing

"Abnormal Investment, Normal Investment and Stock Returns: Misvaluation or Overinvestment?"

CFO Gender and Earnings Management: Evidence from China

Published Papers - Academic Journals

Liu, Wei and Xie (2013). Do Women Directors Improve Firm Performance in China? Forthcoming at Journal of Corporate Finance.

Market Development and the Asset Growth Effect: International Evidence

Does It Pay to Pollute? Shareholder Wealth Consequences of Corporate Environmental Lawsuits

Titman, S., Wei, K.C. John, Xie, F. (2009). Corporate Groups, Capital Investments and Stock Returns in Japan. International Review of Finance, 9, 111-131. Harzing Journal Quality Rating= Well Regarded Journal.

Xie, F. (2009). Managerial Flexibility, Uncertainty, and Corporate Investments: The Real Options Effect. International Review of Economics and Finance, 18, 643-655. Harzing Journal Quality Rating= Well Regarded Journal.

Wei, K.C. John, Xie, F. (2008). Discretionary Accruals, Capital Investments, and Stock Returns. Financial Analysts Journal, 64, 34-44. ISI Journal quality Rating= .769 Harzing Journal Quality Rating=Highly Regarded Journal