Feixue (Faith) Xie

Professor of Finance
Wells Fargo Endowed Professorship in Financial Services

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Explaining the Value Premium around the World: Risk or Mispricing

Residual Investment and Stock Returns

Published Papers - Academic Journals

Ullah, Barkat;  Wei, Zuobao;  Xie, Feixue;  2014.  ISO certification, financial constraints, and firm performance in Latin American and Caribbean countries.  Global Finance Journal  25, 203-228

Liu, Yu;  Wei, Zuobao;  Xie, Feixue;  2014.  Do Women Directors Improve Firm Performance in China?.  Journal of Corporate Finance  28, 169-184

Titman, Sheridan;  Wei, K.C. John;  Xie, Feixue;  2013.  Market Development and the Asset Growth Effect: International Evidence.  Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis  48

Zuobao;  Xie, Feixue;  Posthuma, Richard;  2011.  Does It Pay to Pollute? Shareholder Wealth Consequences of Corporate Environmental Lawsuits.  International Review of Law and Economics  31, 212-218

Titman, Sheridan;  Wei, K.C. John;  Xie, Feixue;  2009.  Corporate Groups, Capital Investments and Stock Returns in Japan.  International Review of Finance  9, 111-131

Xie, Feixue;  2009.  Managerial Flexibility, Uncertainty, and Corporate Investments: The Real Options Effect.  International Review of Economics and Finance  18, 643-655

Wei, K.C. John;  Xie, Feixue;  2008.  Discretionary Accruals, Capital Investments, and Stock Returns.  Financial Analysts Journal  64, 34-44