Zhening Xu

PHD Student

Recent Publications

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Xu, Zhening;  Ramirez, Edward;  Xu, Juanjuan;  Liu, Yu;  2014.  The effects of Neoliberalism on China‚Äôs environment over time: A Macroeconomic perspectative.  Journal of Macromarketing

Conference Proceedings

Xu, Zhening;  Jimenez-Arevalo, Fernando;  2014.  Emotional Capital- the Missing Link Between Social Media Usage and Customer Relationship Performance.  Academy of Marketing Science

Xu, Zhening;  Frankwick, Gary;  2014.  The Heterogeneous Market Dynamics and New Product Success in The Web 2.0 Era: An Electronic Marketing Orientation Perspective.  academy of Marketing Science

Xu, Zhening;  Nguyen, Binh;  Frankwick, Gary;  2013.  Moderation Effects of Partner Dependence on Ambidextrous Adaptation and New Product Success.  ACME