Dr.Raymond Zimmermann, LLM

Professor Emeritus

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Published Papers - Academic Journals

Krumweide, Tim;  Zimmermann, Raymond;  Eason, Patricia;  2007.  Geographical Equity Effects of the Homeowner Tax Subsidy.  Journal of Business & Economics Research  5, 89-98

Smith;  Hume;  Zimmermann, Raymond;  2007.  The Global Significance of Locus of Control in Ethical Decision Making: A Multi-Country Examination of University Students.  Journal of Teaching and Learning, 7-12

Leahey, Anne;  Zimmermann, Raymond;  2007.  A Road Map for Share-based Employee Stock Options.  Journal of Accountancy, 50-53

Culpepper;  Zimmermann, Raymond;  2006.  Culture Based Extreme Response Bias In Surveys Employing Variable Response Items: An Investigation of Response Tendency among Hispanic-Americans.  Journal of International Business Research  5 (2), 75-83